Blind, Deaf And Dumb

I’ve got to make a confession

I hope that you don’t mind

I can only see your face

To others, I am blind

I can hear your whispers

Even hear you in my dreams

I must be turning deaf now

For I can’t hear others scream

People talk to me all the time

But I am totally numb

I only respond to your voice

To others, I am dumb

I only want you around me

Others, I just ignore

They are all just diseases

You are my only cure

38 thoughts on “Blind, Deaf And Dumb

  1. I’ve only started reading your writing in recent weeks (thanks for stopping by my blog!). I like the way the tone of your verse can change from sweet to sinister depending on the voice one imagines is reading it aloud. If Jeremy Irons were reading this, there could be some dreamy eyes in the audience. If Lauren Bacall or Elvis spoke these words, I’m sure there’d be swooning.

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