Just To Prove My Love

You don’t believe my love, do you?

You want me to prove that it’s true

Well, I cannot bring down a star for you

I cannot bring down Moon

I cannot say it’s October when it’s actually June

I cannot make an elephant fly

Or write your name in the clear, blue sky

I cannot even teach a monkey or a crocodile to cry

I cannot make a cuckoo sing my song

Or make right what is already wrong

I cannot even keep an ostrich dancing for long

I cannot cook a meal

I cannot make your dreams real

I cannot even make you feel like I do

Cannot make you feel any more special than I already do

I cannot write a poem. Can’t tie my shoe

Cannot fight a war. Can’t turn the ocean blue

Can’t turn a stone into a butterfly

Cannot even prove my words aren’t just a piece of lie

If you really want to see my love, just look into my eye

If you couldn’t see it there, I really wouldn’t know why

Then just to prove my love, I guess I would have to die

25 thoughts on “Just To Prove My Love

  1. Good Morning Frank,

    Last night I was reading W H Davies, the Welsh supertramp poet, who rode freight trains in America before settling back in Britain.

    The Example

    HERE’S an example from
    A Butterfly;
    That on a rough, hard rock
    Happy can lie;
    Friendless and all alone
    On this unsweetened stone.
    Now let my bed be hard
    No care take I;
    I’ll make my joy like this
    Small Butterfly;
    Whose happy heart has power
    To make a stone a flower.
    W.H. Davies

    Not the same thought as you, but I thought you’d like it!


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