Working With Spreadsheets

Can someone please teach me how to work with spreadsheets?

It’s giving me nightmares. Making me dance to its beats

It’s not as easy to use as a word document

There are many functions on which I’d rather not comment

I’ve got a big presentation tomorrow. I could really use some help

I cannot teach kids to use spreadsheets if I don’t know it myself

40 thoughts on “Working With Spreadsheets

  1. It is the “cells”, spreading the coast..
    With lots of functions and data to roast..

    Every Cell is named with its Column and Row
    Its lower right corner is special if you want it to grow.. (Cell pointer and small plus sign to drag and drop)

    F2” is a friend if you want to edit a cell
    Without which it may look like a hell.

    There could be lots of data to play around,
    Try not to put gaps on the ground (Note: Ranges should have continuous data)

    Data in a cell could have many different types,
    It could be a Formula, Date, Text, or simply a Number type.

    A “Date” is basically a Number in itself
    That means Addition, Subtraction would be a great help

    Right click to get the command to Format a cell,
    select a Formatting style, for Data, or display style of cell.

    It’s not hard to excel the Spreadsheets,
    Provided you know a few functions, commands and a few cheats.

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    1. Based upon last two lines, I would like to start the above posted reply with…

      Your intentions are good, your Moral is high,
      Remember, it’s just a spreadsheet, not a world war or a big fight.

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  2. I LOVE spreadsheets – never met one I didn’t like! Have spreadsheets for everything in my life. My wife teases me that even the contents of our fridge are stored in an xls file!!!

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  3. Spread sheet is as easy as word documents. All you need to learn is few easy concepts. YouTube has lot of basic videos and work on excel as it teaches . Not more than 3 hours it takes to become an expert . Take a deep, heavy breath and start working . You will do great

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  4. Oh, marvelous – thank heaven I do not have to teach anyone how to use spreadsheets! I struggle with them and have to re-learn the many quirks everytime I need to update mine. Never thought of a POEM on such, but I surely applaud this one of yours!

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  5. Hi… I enjoy your writing though I don’t comment a lot.
    Do you mind letting me know your age? Or the range at least?
    I’m never able to actually decipher that through your poems.
    And I enjoy the way you use rhyme in your poems. Makes me want to work on mine more.

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  6. What program are you using?
    What are the ages of kids you have to teach?
    Are you teaching them to create a basic spreadsheet or how to sort figures, dates?
    I’m assuming Excel so I did a youtube search and found this link. I’m watching this right now. I hope it helps a little.

    I have a mac, so I’m using Open Office and Numbers. I learn to create spreadsheets on Excel in 1990 and used to use ClarisWorks, then AppleWorks, but spreadsheets are basically the same until you get to macros, then my head spins around backwards, but no one really needs to do macros unless they are doing departmental billing and have figures that have to transfer to different sheets.

    Start with this link and email me if you have questions.


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