When The Teacher Isn’t Looking

When the teacher isn’t looking

We’ll giggle and we’ll laugh

Paper rockets will fly around

And cut the misery to half

When the teacher isn’t looking

We’ll eat all that we can

Make all sorts of noises

And bang the desks again

When the teacher isn’t looking

We’ll look outside the window

Talk to our imaginary friend

Or get into a row

When the teacher isn’t looking

The black board, we’ll ignore

And stare into that person’s eyes

The reason we came here for

When the teacher isn’t looking

We’ll pass a secret message

Pretend we’re under attack

And speak in alien language

When the teacher isn’t looking

We’ll invent new formulae

Math wouldn’t be boring anymore

Homework’ll equal play

When the teacher isn’t looking

We’ll fight with books and glue

But the teacher didn’t come to school today

Now we don’t know what to do

51 thoughts on “When The Teacher Isn’t Looking

  1. It’s been a long time since I was in school but damn of this didn’t bring me back!

    “And stare into that person’s eyes
    The reason we came here for”
    Love that line so much, I was never brave enough to meet their eyes but I remember having particular classes I only really liked cause I was sat next to the one I really liked

    Love the rhyme and the rating structure, beautifully lyrical, just a really well thought out and put together piece!!
    Plus the twist at the end, the confusion is really funny. Just goes to show kids are just a bunch of attention seekers πŸ˜„

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    1. I agree, I love that line too. But I also took from that as staring into that person’s eyes the reason we came here for being the personal interaction and all of the things you are “learning” in school that are not in the books. We learn so much from social interactions and the little games we play as children that it almost shapes us as much if not more than the intellectual learning we do. Definitely dig the poem though!

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  2. Depends a lot on the teacher. ..with how much zeal she teaches and explains her subject and how much we students understand ….a good and experienced teacher has the power of maintaining the class to a pin drop silence and even students are completely involved in the subject she/he explains

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  3. Remembered that good old school 🏫 days. The love and affection we had towards our friends & teachers cannot be found in college.
    I love my school.. Very beautifully written @frankπŸ˜€πŸ™‹πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒβœŒπŸ‘

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  4. The sub always meant more goofing off.
    I wish I was in class with you. Actually, I’m glad to be done with school. You must be missing it, as it’s been your focus as of late. Maybe you are hankering to go back. Creative writing, perhaps?

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    1. percyardent I loved your comment almost as much as I loved the poem. I have just started student teaching, so now I have been on both sides as both teacher and student. I can identify. I enjoyed this poem since it is true and beautifully written.

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