In Twenty Seventeen

Li river in China, Navagio bay in the heart of Greece

Tulip fields in Netherlands and universal peace

Trump as U.S. President, Superbowl and Wimbledon

Pyramids in Egypt and first solar eclipse since ’91

Las Vegas, Paris, Venice in Italy

Would you like to stay home or give me some company?

Gonna see everything that I have never seen

In twenty seventeen

Happy, wild, reckless, careless, dumb and free

Rich, lazy, crazy and a famous celebrity

Nominated for an Oscar, dictator of a small country

Losing myself in Sydney. Searching in Miami

Pink-headed, muddleheaded and writing a book on fleas

Astronaut or just a robot with jetpacks for his knees

Gonna be everything that I wished to be at eighteen

In twenty seventeen

Watch the sun go down, dance like there’s no tomorrow

Stay up all night, have my own punk rock show

Quit my job and travel, learn to play the piano

Breed dragons and dinosaurs and watch them as they grow

Heli-biking in Newzealand, storm-chasing in Tornado valley

With a beautiful girl whom I’d like to take home and marry

Gonna fall in love, settle down, go crazy for Francine

In twenty seventeen

Was twenty sixteen bad? Was it worse than the worst?

In a list of terrible things, I’d like to rate it first

But past is past and I’d like to start on a fresh new page

But not before I kick the year out of this stage

It’s so easy to say goodbye to twenty sixteen

A year of nothingness. Three sixty six days of haloween

Anyway, gotta get going now. Have to revisit my teens

In twenty seventeen

41 thoughts on “In Twenty Seventeen

  1. Hamarey yahaan aisa kyun hota hai, where caste is a barrier, my fathr wants a brahmin tht too frm east ,…i told him appa prithvi gol hai…n he said no east means east upto nagaland…sachchi mein hadd hai,

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  2. Hi yaar,, i m so so so happy….pata hai u make my day, itna achcha likha hai….sachchi u r such a beautiful prsn ..,,i was totally unaware abt my any move frm past 7 days, parents were forcing me to get married, thn i thought ker lo , koi nhi he will love u , bt now i cm to know yes this is the lyf tht i can also hv , how beautiful is ur imagination…

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  3. I can relate to this. While I don’t have the freedom to travel on a whim like I did in my teens, I did all my unearthing of my heart in 2016 to get back to that heart I had in my teens. It almost crumbled, but I saved her and 2017 will be her year. So I understand this poem deeply. I am so happy to see you excited about the future. May your year be filled with all these adventures and more. I have one critique of the poem – 2016 had 366 days. Happy New Year, my friend, party like you are seventeen again.

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