Don’t Ask Me If I Love You

Don’t ask me questions which I cannot answer

I will fill you up with lies

And to make you believe my words

I will even look into your eyes

So don’t ask me if I love you

I won’t tell you if I do

And I’d say ‘yes’ when I don’t

And you might believe me to be true

53 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me If I Love You

  1. You are so right on spot…Loved it!
    As to me, even though you lie to her saying I love you, She feels it heaven and acts like the luckiest creature on planet for getting loved by a man whom she feel for. Loves is always magical either a win/lose..

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  2. I can relate to to this poem from both perspectives. There is something so awful in being asked if you love someone when you know you don’t, but can’t bring yourself to tell them. Same when you know they don’t and they say they do.

    I’m not normally a fan of poetry, but yours hit the mark every time. No elaborate, smart arse language; just simplicity and a powerful message. Bravo!

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    1. Simplicity is definitely a plus, and no doubt, most of us are here because somehow we are able to co-relate and link it to someone we know…or our (past) experiences.
      Great work, indeed. He knows how to hit the nail properly.

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      1. I say simplicity in that I see so many poems with (in my opinion) pointlessly elaborate wording. Almost as they’re trying to say ‘look at how intelligently deep I am’. Frank looks even more intelligent and deep by not writing in such a way. He puts thought into the meaning of the words rather than trying to think of the most smart arsed way of wording it. It’s a style I approve of wholeheartedly.
        As you say, being able to relate definitely helps, though I think this something people could enjoy even without relating to it 🙂

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    1. Yes @intrudesite, desdemona (it is actually Desi Munda, Munda in itself means a “Guy” in Punjabi language) is a man. Men also have feelings, and feel same pain if they are hurt. It is altogether a different story that different people have different ways to express (or not to express) it.

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  3. I have never fallen in love …but very well know that true love is total commitment and honesty towards each other …being flexible and understanding each other perfectly …of course there are small quarrels ,short cold wars and even difference of opinion whitout which it won’t be true love

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  4. I Don’t Ask You If You Love Me

    I don’t ask you questions which you cannot answer

    You will fill me up with lies

    And to make me believe your words

    You will even look into my eyes

    So I don’t ask you if you love me

    You won’t tell you if you do

    And you’d say ‘yes’ when you don’t

    And I might believe you to be true

    Because I have always believed you…
    And you must learn to be honest too.

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