Let Mercury Be Marbled

Let Mercury be marbled

Let Venus be virtued

Let Earth be your emerald

And brighten all that is you

Let Mars be your moon

Let Jupiter be your jewel

Let Saturn come a little soon

Or it would be too cruel

Let Uranus be our unity

Let Neptune bring something new

You can, then, have all of me

And I will have all of you

32 thoughts on “Let Mercury Be Marbled

  1. I have serious doubts now… and curious to know… more about you. Two immediate posts of you are extremely contradictory .
    Your words are not just coming from any imagination… ! (I believe so)
    …. or otherwise… probably you are too good in playing with others’ imaginations and feelings, if your posts have nothing to do with real life.

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  2. Frank, your diction is terse yet meaningful. I appreciate you for letting my imagination take its course. If you have any free time, please feel free to read my blog. It would be unreal to get your input.

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