My Skin Won’t Take The Flames Again

Rest your fears upon my shoulders

Of them, I will take care

Hesitation may be older

Than the love that we share

If your faith in me is shaken

And my words do not sound true

Let my soul and pride be taken

And lay them all unto you

Raise a fire to take my test

And let me pass through the flames

And if I were to come second best

Go ahead and erase the names

But do not put me through the test a second time

And have me repeat the pain

I may consider it a crime

My skin won’t take the flames again

34 thoughts on “My Skin Won’t Take The Flames Again

  1. Jo ishaarey aankhon se karkey tum khud kaheen door kho gaye…… dhaagey dilo se bandh key tum yun unhy chhor gaye…….jo vaadey mujhsey karky tum yun unhy tor gaye…..mere dil key khaalipan se abb chaahey tum jitna takra lo ….apney hony ka aihsaas abb chaahein tum mujhy jitna jata lo…..mai abb tumhari nahi , mai abb tumhari nahi

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