Let her shine

I see her face amidst the light

Of a star-studded night

And her voice is like an angel that I hold divine

Asking me if I could cross the line

And make her mine

And take her in my arms and let her shine. Let her shine

And I know that a day will come

When we will become

A fallen star on the edge of an unwanted time

So let me stand through this pain

For it’ll never come again

She helps me to forget all that will hurt me. So I let her shine

When the rain falls on her face

There is no other place

That I would rather be in that moment of time

Every little hole in my heart

Is crying for a start

And the moon paints a picture of her soul. So I let her shine

60 thoughts on “Let her shine

  1. Wow. This was exactly what I needed right now for complicated personal astrological reasons being a fire type woman and having a lot of men try to domesticate me . It really made me feel hopeful. Thank you. It is kind of uncanny because it was literally today when I was thinking and looking and reading at all of this astrological stuff about me and men. It made me feel a lot better.

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  2. To let someone else shine is such deep love. Both for yourself and the other. You never cease to amaze me. Truly. God has given you an amazing gift of words and a heart of gold. No matter what pain or troubles you may ever have, remember that. You can do anything and God has blessed upon you these things.

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