58 thoughts on “I Took A Photo With A Dead Body

  1. This is amazing. I was expecting it to be something else totally. But you have an amazing way with your words… And I also hope that you will be healed … For killing a part of your soul is much more than what just meets the eye….
    Sending you lots of love Frank πŸ’ž

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  2. Frank, too late to face this on your own. You have too many followers. I don’t know how I made it through the heartbreak of my teens and twenties and I hope you soon reach the other end of the tunnel.
    xx Rowena

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  3. Sending best wishes and positives vibes for whatever it is you are battling. Remember that better times are around the corner and that this won’t last forever. You are such an inspiration to many and even though that our paths have just recently crossed, I’m very happy that they did. Thank you Frank.

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              1. You most certainly deserve it. It kills me to think that someone with such a heart and soul of yours would have a part of that destroyed and, on top of it, think you are undeserving of love. You live by love, as you said yourself. That love belongs to you as much as those you give love to. Believe it. Believe me. Because I know it.

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                  1. There is no such thing. Kindness and love abound. It is the fabric of our world. Whatever reasons make you think you are undeserving of love are what allow you to love all others. You hold no judgment or believe love should only be doled to a certain segment. Anyone who believes that hate should be conquered with love believes love for all. You are part of that all. You are a gift. You may not believe it tonight, but you are.

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                    1. That is very encouraging. I feel much better hearing that. You are right when you say that kindness and love are the fabric of our world and that we are part of it all. Sometimes, we may be misinterpreted, sometimes we may be hurt, sometimes it may seem that all that we do ends up wrong though we always had good intentions in our hearts. You are right. We shouldn’t lose hope when others fail to see our love or care or the fact that we are being punished for our affection. Hurt is always temporary though it may seem otherwise. After all, love remains

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                    2. Love is so often misinterpreted. It is so very hard to put our hearts out there. We have been hurt so many times. We become instinctual protectors. We are afraid that if we put our heart on the carving boards and hand over the butcher knife, we will get chopped to pieces. Also, if you think you have been misinterpreted, consider that you may also be misinterpreting. Maybe what you perceive as ignoring your love, isn’t really that at all. Maybe they are perceiving you as you are them.

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                    3. Yes. It is quite possible that the hurt one person faces is reflected in the opposite person and both fail to see each other’s pain since we can be so bogged down by our own minds. We seek shelter from the wild storm when the only solution would be to face it outright

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