A Single Language

Pick a child

Teach him a language

A single language

Start with the As and Bs

Go right till Ys and Zs

Talk to him

Let him return the same language

Day in and day out

Like this is the only language that speaks the truth

Like no other language exists

Let him grow with that language

Give him friends

Give them liberty

But never let them venture too far

For your language alone speaks the truth

And your language alone is divine

And once the child is grown, he’ll raise other kids likewise

And teach them all that he was taught

And gift them all that he was gifted

And make them believe all that he was made to believe

And they shall forever speak a single language

64 thoughts on “A Single Language

  1. I think I disagree with this to a certain extent. Yes, our children learn what we teach them and when they are young, they mimic what we do and say. But, as they grow older, they develop their own personalities and, if they were raised to do so, will develop their own views and their own “language”. This is the hope we have as parents, that we teach our children to be critical thinkers and doers and to work hard to make the world a better place, not to simply repeat the mistakes made by our generation and the generations before us. This is the JOB we have as parents. πŸ™‚


  2. My mother tongue is the only language I need. You speak the truth, my friend. I have seen many people whose mother and father teaches them multiple languages since childhood, unfortunately, they can’t even speak one of them right. A child should learn mother tongue first then learning other languages is not that hard.

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      1. Brilliantly sarcastic !
        We need to invent different languages .
        We need to accept other languages.
        It was Haruki Murakami the Japanese writer who said ” Learning a new language is like becoming another person “!
        Nice post.

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          1. And if we all could just express that love openly to each other and welcome each other (no matter where they live, how they live, what they believe, homeless or rich, educated or ignorant…) into our hearts the world would be an entirely different place. We just need to try one heart at a time to change it. Always inspiring.

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              1. As hard as it is the only solution is more love. Even for the hatemongers. Loving them and as much compassion as we can give to how they got there. For hating hate only spreads more hate. It’s the hardest thing for the heart to do, love something so hard to love. But what other choice is there? Provoking such deep thoughts…

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      1. Yes, it is just starting in our world now and the prognosis is frightening. Many narrators now only think of and think in one language and what they teach isn’t about variety, diversity, inclusiveness and unity rather it is about hatred, discrimination, one mindedness and isolation and aloneness and that is why it is frightening. What will our world be without diversity? Who needs a monochromic world in language, religion, relationships and living. Let a thousand or is it million flowers bloom…

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          1. We don’t have to be as we are. There are many in this world who do not believe in this one hue , one thought , one colour , one system, one intellect, one reason thing. We are many , but the challenge is linking together, creating a FORCE that can counter this eerily creeping on us project of no alternative. Let us reach out to others spread all over the world cutting across race, religion, country, class and political divide and create a counter force to this fast encroaching OGRE. If not we will find ourselves analysing after the event, the same way humanity analyzed after millions had been wasted under Hitler, killed in Rwanda and swept of in Kosovo, Serbia and other places where one thought reigned!

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              1. Ok Frank, I must say that you deserved it. I once said that the most participative bloggers on my blog will win a reward. No joke. So, as I always stay true to my words, Send an email to juliofarai2@gmail.com and I will send you one of my best works for free. You deserved it. Thank for following and liking the blog. JΓΊlio C. Carlos out.

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