The World’s Saddest Dish

If the weather was my saviour

From the horrors of my mind

I would give away all my reasons

And happily turn blind

To the dying hands of sorrow

Where nothing’s left to give

Nothing left to hold or find now

Inside a fragile cage I live

The streets are lightly filled now

With mud and cloud’s own tears

I walked straight into a fire

Leaving all my broken fears

Into the playful hands of Sadness

Preparing the world’s saddest dish

Asking me if I’d like to taste it

Would I have a final wish

Soon I expect the flames to come out

And grip me and my skin

Every tale was fabricated

Every word had a lie within

Every tear has now been wasted

Every wound now holds your name

Should I live on like I do now

Or should I quit and die in shame?

21 thoughts on “The World’s Saddest Dish

  1. Absolutely wonderful. You should not live like now or shall hang in there and keep your feets moving forward…that’s what you shall do.

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