Your Love Is Like An Ocean

Your love is like an ocean

Endless and beyond

I used to sail in it

And find a real home

The weather was pleasant

And the view was a-delight

Stabled my wrecked boat

Blessed my direction with light

Kept me safe all the way

Until i reached the shore

Only to find out that

I ain’t a sailor anymore

Now I find myself stranded

Alone and in despair

Even my boat has left me

For a river’s fare

Now the waters are troubled

Now the waters are rough

I must learn to swim

Or survival could be tough

And i will learn to swim

Even though the ocean wants me drowned

Take a little beating

But be a champion, crowned

32 thoughts on “Your Love Is Like An Ocean

  1. Loved your poem a lot….😍😍😍 Awesome…cool and many good things to it…Really loved it 🙂


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