Feed, Feed The Starving Mouth

Feed, feed the starving mouth

Let him prosper and reign

Hunger does no good except

Bring a lot of pain

Make his wishes come true

Give him all he needs

All that you will reap tomorrow

Are but, today’s seeds

Feed, feed him all day

Feed him all night

Let him grow up healthy

With muscles and might

Make all his wishes come true

Please him, spoil him if you must

You wish he would understand

The horrors of quenching his thirst

What if he turns around and bites you?

And I’m sure someday he will

He is beyond your control now

But you aren’t learning still

Feed, feed the starving mouth

Feed him till he can be fed

And soon watch yourself destroyed

By the monster in your head

34 thoughts on “Feed, Feed The Starving Mouth

  1. OK, Frank, let me take my best shot:

    The mouth,is the entrance, the door
    The voracious appetite of this beast once you’ve fed it,swallows up everything you’ve tried to nourish your soul with, that once was good.

    Like a Venus fly trap, from a flower shop, you see the mouth open to devour you entirely…

    What it feeds on is pride, swallows you whole, and once you’ve been swallowed, it grinds your bones to dust and your flesh disappears …yet the one thing it really destroys,is redemption and hope.

    The beast is the ego.

    The way to starve it is…humility.

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