A Victim Of My Own Trap

Whenever I set my sights on you, I fall into a deep hole

To get back up and out again, I must leave behind my soul

You used to be the only one with whom I felt free to be me

I will tell you all that I know and the truth shall eventually set me free

Or so it may seem

Now our world has fallen apart and it has left us cursing

The old wounds have opened back and now I must set them nursing

Only the brave can withstand the storm and I am quite willing to take the test

Will it be easier to let it pass? Would it be in everyone’s best

To let go of a dream?

Situations have become

A warning sign of what is to come

Roads have now begun to lead

Us back to the start at full speed

Only a loser can now claim

To be a victim of his own trap

When there is nobody else left to blame

Gush, gush, gush

I hear the winds blowing so loud

Stops me in my tracks. Fills me with doubt

Makes me pray. Turns my head towards the clouds

Teaches me insanity. I am going all out

Gush, gush, gush. I am going all out

I am going all out

26 thoughts on “A Victim Of My Own Trap

  1. I have been in the situation alluded to in this fine poem. I like the way you break the rhyme scheme at the end of the first three verses then the x rhyme is the first line of the last.

    Thank you for liking my (Don’t Look Down) poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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