Let Us Wage A War

Let us wage a war
And bring years of civilisation down
Let us turn our men into criminals
And call them heroes of the town

Let us wage a war
And tear all the happy families apart
Let them pay a heavy price for
A game that we will start

Let us wage a war
And watch millions of people die
And if we don’t win at first
We’d give it another try

36 thoughts on “Let Us Wage A War

  1. That’s about the right kind of thinking for our lovely dictators…oops, sorry, I meant those wonderful politicians of ours! πŸ˜‰ I find sticking my fingers in my ears and closing my eyes to what they have to say is useful. Pity more people don’t do that. If we all ignored them, they’d be helpless with their stupid little war ideas. They need us, to fight those wars. It’s largely to cut the population down, it’s a clever trick. Good poem, more writers should say things like this. Get a feeling some bloggers are becoming afraid to say anything anti government these days.

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  2. Mark Twain said, “God created war so Americans would learn Geography.”
    Which is neither here nor there.
    Your poem reminded me of Disposable Heroes:
    “Soldier boy, made of clay
    Now an empty shell.
    Twenty one, only son
    His body served us well”
    From one metal head to another I bet.

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  3. A brilliant satire on the modern day heroes who are villains in disguise and wreckage of relationships started by those whose only claim to love is jealousy ! And killing as an accomplishment substitutes for saving lives ! Alas ! World is deteriorating …….we can laugh or cry…..does not make a difference.

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