A Sleepless Man

All the world’s darkness
Is made up of lies
Unlike the power of light
Within my eyes

A story in the dark
Howls and that’s
What gives me company of
Owls and bats
Depression and demons are
In the same team
30 days or more since I
Last had a dream

Is this how it’s always
Going to be?
No, I haven’t got insomnia
Insomnia’s got me

28 thoughts on “A Sleepless Man

  1. You might relate to this post I just put up at Black Dog Barking, about depression not being a permanent condition: https://blackdogbarking.com/2017/03/14/resignation-to-depression-is-the-mental-illness-not-depression-itself/.

    Also, yoga nidra (yogic sleep) is now my main drug for insomnia ~ it’s a bodyscan meditation that takes our attention away from our thoughts, into our body, thereby creating a sense of deep relaxation leading to sweet sweet sleep :D.

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  2. Ugggghhh…hate insomnia. Nice piece. Try melatonin. Only the 10 mg works. I found when I disconnected from social media for awhile and returned to my art, even just a bit of coloring, my dreams returned.

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  3. Wonderfully expressed. Great job…
    Would appreciate it if you take out some of your precious time to take a look at my blog. Thanx in advance…

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