Cupid’s Fist

Where do you think I would be
When it begins to rain?
Waiting for a girl
To heal my pain
On this lonely road
With not a soul in sight
And a strange feeling
Gripping me in the night
Have I felt this before?
Should I let this grow?
Feels like Cupid’s using his fist
He must have lost his bow

Where would she be
When it begins to pour?
Would she be waiting
Like before?
Will Cupid hit her
With his arrow?
Or has he lost it too?
I do not know
Let the winds blow the answers
In my ears
When the rains will wash away
All my fears

31 thoughts on “Cupid’s Fist

  1. “My worthiness is all my doubt,
    His merit all my fear,
    Contrasting which, my qualities
    Do lowlier appear;
    Lest I should insufficient prove
    For his beloved need,
    The chiefest apprehension
    Within my loving creed.
    So I, the undivine abode
    Of his elect content,
    Conform my soul as ’twere a church
    Unto her sacrament.  ❦”

    Excerpt From: Dickinson, Emily. “Poems (Vol. 3).” Bookbyte Digital. iBooks.
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    Check out this book on the iBooks Store:

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      1. Actually, it was more of a response to what you wrote. Loving someone involves “good” and “bad” things happening and changes as the relationship evolves that sometimes are less than comfortable. As a parent this happens over and over as a child grows into adulthood. The empty nest is the ultimate in an end of the parent/child dynamic including teaching a child how to be a positive and productive citizen. The bird has flown the coop and now they are on their own. Of course, there continues to be a relationship but it’s very different from what it was originally.

        I hope I didn’t lose you in my long roundabout description. Also, note that being a parent/mom is awesome although challenging as well. It’s such a huge responsibility and yet so many amazing experiences result over time.

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