A Little Brown Sparrow

A little brown sparrow
Tired of her shades
Thought all the beauty in the world
Eventually fades
There, in a deserted garden
Hopped up and down a lonely tree
Waiting for the clouds to rain
Waiting for some company

Somewhere in the distance
She saw yellow flowers in full bloom
But it wasn’t the flora
That drove away her gloom
There, upon a flower
A red butterfly did rest
Enchanted by her beauty, the sparrow
Did what she felt best

Making tiny circles of joy
The sparrow flew round
The butterfly who didn’t even
Move or make a sound
And the butterfly continued to ignore
The sparrow’s gentle hellos
While dancing carelessly amongst
A glowing pool of yellows

The sparrow begged and begged
For a little conversation
Curiousity never needed
A second invitation
But the butterfly continued to shun
Beauty was a secret
That went with her dress

And away she flew
Far from the sparrow’s eyes
She was neither friends with truth
Nor companion with lies
And fell right into the hands
Of a couple of naughty boys
Who thought they found a plaything
To go with their toys

The butterfly felt uneasy
Trapped inside a lunchbox
And here she thought she always held
Key to all the locks
Perhaps she may never see
The sunlight of tomorrow
Unlike the dull shades
Of a little brown sparrow

38 thoughts on “A Little Brown Sparrow

  1. Quite beautiful, with the feeling of a classic fairy tale. My husband and I have been comparing various historic versions of the story we now know as Cinderella, and a lot of the elements in those stories feel similar to ones you have here.

    Thanks for sharing this fine poem, reading and Liking my latest one.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very clever yet simple portrayal of so many features of the character… Intrigue, ignorance, superiority, egotism, disregard…
    Excellent write!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. 😀 Yes, that’s right! I liked your poem, nonetheless! Your words are always so true, so inspiring, and thought-provoking. Thank you for displaying to the world such a talent as yours!

          Keep it up! I shall be checking your site for more such poems! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

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