When It Turns Black

I can hear you breathe
Feel your hand in mine
They think something’s wrong with me
But everything’s just fine
I know you are not here
What am I to do?
I really can’t prevent myself anymore
From missing you
And the feeling gets stronger when it gets dark
Listening to a skylark

They don’t know anything
They aren’t believing me
They’re giving me some pills to sleep
But nothing seems to be working
They’re giving up hope
They’re planning to tie me to a chair
With a thick rope
The next time they see me bang my head against the wall
Or scream in the hall

Why did you leave?
Did I do something wrong?
You said you’d come back but
You’re taking far too long
You said you’d break the shackles
And set me free
Now I’m bound by your chains
For eternity
How long do I have to endure this pain?
Will you come back again?

I remember those nights
All those dreams
They’re calling it nightmares
That’s not how it seems
I’ve forgotten how to express myself
Don’t know where to begin
I can feel my blood flowing
Through my skin
Just how long is this game going to last?
Oh, it better end fast

Time is running out
I’m losing patience now
If you don’t come to me quick
I’ll find you somehow
I want to look into your eyes
Tell you tales
Each time I think I’ve got it all figured out
My plan fails
I swear I’ll kill myself tonight when it turns black
If you don’t come back
And I swear I’ll ruin myself tonight when it turns black
If you don’t come back
If you don’t come back
If you don’t come back

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