A Strange Invitation

It took me long but I’m glad
The decision finally has been made
And for once in my life
I’m willing to take a stand instead
And just to ensure you cannot
Influence me now anymore
I’ll be leaving this letter for you to read
You can find it at your door
And do not take it as a joke

I’ll be off on a lonely trip
Before you even finish reading this
Off to clear everybody’s debts
Yours and hers and its and his
No, I didn’t stumble on a pot of gold
Just a narrow highway road
No bags to pack, no books to read
And if I ever do get bored
I’d just light up a smoke

Goodbye. So long
Thanks for all the love
Someday we’ll meet again in a different world

I know you have a lot of friends
But you’re the only one I ever had
You may not even ever miss me
And the very thought drives me mad
Blessed with patience, blessed with truth
You’ve been blessed with all the virtues
I have very little left with me
They never offered me anything to choose
Except ghosts and a wooden spoon

Do not be so downhearted
I ain’t playing a blaming game
Whatever happens, it’s upto me
Morning of hope and a night of shame
I haven’t really made an escape plan
I thought I’d write this letter first
It was too much to keep bottled in
I felt my veins were about to burst
Not a moment too soon

Goodbye. So long
Thanks for all the love
Someday we’ll meet again in a different world

The world will revolve as before
Have I ever added anything?
So many places I wanted to go
So many people. So many things
I feel my hands trembling already
Is it a sign of things to come?
I feel like I am talking to myself
Be free to criticize the kind of man I’ve become
Without any hesitation

I’ve never laughed so hard before
My stomach’s beginning to hurt
My hands are slowly turning purple
While my feet are catching dirt
Have I forgotten anyone?
Not that it really matters now
If my words do offend you
Find a way to deal somehow
With this strange invitation

Goodbye. So long
Thanks for all the love
Someday we’ll meet again in a different world

25 thoughts on “A Strange Invitation

  1. I want to express my deep sense of gratitude for you taking the time to read and like my daughters post on patiencesblog. I have an extremely creative daughter who is beginning to show sparks of interest in writing, drawing, and creating. It moves my heart to have you taking part in making her dreams come to life. Even if for only a moment she considers herself a writer, in that moment you were there to say “Hey, I like your work.” That’s a debt I cannot repay. Thank you so much.

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  2. I wonder what you are saying goodbye to. I have a feeling you are moving on to a chapter in your life you will find very beautiful… and better than the last.

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  3. Peace and love with you where you are
    I fear to meet my lord with falsely paths I love
    See you where you are God always give and forgive 💐💐💐

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