Gun You Down

Am I here to listen to you? I never was
You call this mediocrity a just cause
You and your followers think you are so right
God blessed you with ridiculousness and me with might
May God teach you what is wrong and what is right

You speak and act well, I must admit
But it takes more than that for me to accept defeat
You like to display your strength and so do I
One of us is going to win while the other is going to cry
Before you die, I hope God shows you the light

I’ve got some bullets reserved for you. Isn’t that what you wanted?
My army is watching you and will leave you haunted
You burn, burn, burn, burn the whole town
I’ll gun, gun, gun, gun you traitors down
May God forgive you when He meets you tonight

17 thoughts on “Gun You Down

  1. I thought you’d be known to me (that’s why the contact try) but I was wrong- again. Was just another silly hope to know what’s in the head of a special human in my life.
    I thank you for your poems- they are great but I unfollow you. Have a joyful life, Frank.


      1. More’s to you. Dark subjects give you that feeling. I’m wrestling with some that popped out after reading someone else’s darker work, and I don’t know if I feel like developing it, cuz of the depressive place it dwells in. Don’t know if I want that, but then it kindof wants to be written. You gotta even be careful with talk like that; don’t want people showing up at your door asking questions. Good luck with all that stuff, and take it easy, too… Hah-Hah.

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        1. Yes. Thanks. May be I should be more careful before writing and posting such fictional stuff. It could be depressing and hurtful to me and possibly others. But then, I have to respect my ideas and my thoughts. It is difficult to let an idea leave when it strikes me. And I have to let that out.


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