A World War Fan

One little duck
Off to try his luck
Went to the city
Oh, what a pity
Now he finds himself stuck

Two little crows
Sought better tomorrows
Away they flew
Where? Nobody knew
Not even the sparrows

Three little mice
So very nice
Thought they could take
On a poisonous snake
But they could only catch flies

Four little fishes
Prepared some dishes
Offered it to a shark
Who began to bark
God fulfilled his wishes

Five little worms
Playing with their drums
Think it’s a crime
Waiting for the time
Which never really comes

Six little creatures
Blessed with pretty features
Grew up very fast
Things would never last
Now they’re all preachers

Seven little squirrels
Found a bag of pearls
Inside a pit
And shared it with
The catterpillars

Eight little tortoise
Made a lot of noise
Up against knives
Feared for their lives
Never did raise a voice

Nine little falcons
Playing with big guns
Thought it’d be fun
To shoot someone
They’re not the only ones

Ten little men
Like only they can
Sticks and stones
Blood and bones
A world war fan

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