No More School For Me

They make me wake up early
When I should be sleeping instead
The sun hasn’t raised his head
But I’m already out of my bed
I go through the motions
Like a ritual, everyday
I dream about the weekends
But they’re always far away
I wish I could find a formula to make myself grow
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

All sorts of people fill that place
My friends, they are friendly
The bullies, they all bully
And they all do their jobs so perfectly
Mr. Vain, he is kind
Miss Confused, she is nice
But when I ask them a question
They fill me up with lies
And all sorts of nonsensical stuff, at me, they throw
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

There are so many other things
I’d rather be doing
I could go swimming or I could go riding
Or I could be singing or I could be writing
A song, instead of my homework
These numbers are so frightening
I ain’t got dyslexia
But my brain isn’t igniting
Is there some excuse which I could borrow?
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

Mom and dad want me to suffer
Like they used to do
They say that it’s a virtue
I should pass on to my kids too
But I ain’t so keen on children
Neither am I on a wife
Don’t know how they’re related
I just wanna live my life
It’s hard to complete myself when they’re having a row
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

The whole thing is a waste
The whole thing is a scam
They want me to be like them
They don’t like who I am
They tie a collar around our neck
Then they teach us to be free
They teach us how to make money
They teach us how to be
When they should be teaching us how to be happy or face sorrow
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

38 thoughts on “No More School For Me

  1. Thank you for noticing my first blog entry! This poem hits home for me….I couldn’t wait to get out of school and I am dismayed at what the public education system fails to teach. Kids are taught to accept facts and not how to think. Excellent poem!

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  2. You’re a good poet and a deep thinker. Hope you can continue your writing, and hope you can find a way to make a living that allows you to write–perhaps even gives you inspiration to write. Nothing like life for inspiration to write. Wishing you blessings.

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  3. Well, Frank, I just looked in after you liked a post in Agnellusmirror. Thanks for that. Right now I’m waiting for a school drop out to turn up for one of her two lessons a week with me. The trouble is that the realistic dreams she has will need some hard work and attendance at college when she leaves school. The job she wants to do needs the training college will provide. But will she be saying, ‘I won’t be going to college in the morning’? I hope not but fear she will. But there’s truth in your verses, that’s for sure.

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    1. By ‘school’, I never intended to point fingers at any educational institutions. I was talking about life in general. About institutions in general, and not exclusively the educational ones. It’s about being caught up with things you don’t want to be doing but you have to. It all boils down to money in the end. Money over your dreams, over what you like. So, I apologize if I may have influenced any young minds in the wrong way. ‘School’ was just a metaphor. I was talking about our complicated lives. Yours and mine and everyone else’s. I may have been too direct with my words but it was never my intention. Life has ceased to be simple

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  4. Hallelujah, amen, and thank you for existing. I love reading poetry like this. It looks simplistic on the surface, but it goes so much deeper. The repetition at the end of each stanza is a brilliant tie in, and really enhances the repetitiveness that the poem so painfully describes.

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  5. My first thought as I was reading was that I’d chop off an arm to be back in college rather than be struggling to make it as an adult right now. But the ending is so true. It’s far more valuable to be taught how to chase dreams, be yourself, and fight all the haters than to learn how to do a job. I wish someone had believed in me a little more instead of always saying, “Oh that’s foolish, you’ll never make money doing that.”

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