Out In The Cold

Cold and empty street
Snow burying my feet
But the homes are filled with lights
And they brightly glow
I peep through a window
To see a family laughing away the night

To see their merry joy
Turns me into a little boy
Who is lost somewhere deep inside my heart
I forget the cold
As I crouch and behold
Two kids and their parents playing with darts

The pa, he notices me
But pretends not to see
Thinking I will go away on my own
But I stood still
Much against his will
And the dissatisfaction on his face had grown

And with another frown
He pulled the curtains down
And left me staring at a blank space
So I knocked at the door
Just to make sure
If there was anything wrong with my face

The man did agree
And said I ought not to be
Disturbing them in their merry time
I didn’t like the tone of his voice
He left me with no choice
I had to punish him for his crime

Before he could get a hold
I knocked him out cold
And slammed the door firmly behind me
The ma, she gave a cry
And picked up a phone to try
To call the cops and tell them about me

So I picked up a knife
And went for her life
Piercing her through and through
The kids hadn’t learned
A lesson they had earned
And they began to scream too

I just couldn’t wait
To deal them with the same fate
I couldn’t see them growing up like I had
So I struck them too
What else could I do?
They were destined to end up dead

But I did spare the man
Left him unconscious and then
Thought it was best if he was left to regret
All that he had done
When he woke up under the sun
And saw the fate that his family had met

But I wasn’t yet done
Before I took a run
Wrapped my hands around all the gold
It was as much as I deserved
For the treatment they reserved
For an innocent man who stood out in the cold

12 thoughts on “Out In The Cold

  1. very disturbing poem – the effect it creates is real and for that I congratulate you. The lesson I have got is to call the police right away after seeing a person peeking into the house, not pretending that he will disappear magically 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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