My uneasy mind races to and fro
Like the pendulum of an aged clock
While my eyes rejoice in this purple show
As I watch thy fairness unlock

‘Tis not only a fault of mine
But thou an equal perpetrator
‘Tis too late to walk the line
With a lover and an unknown hater

No good now to regret the past
For an act we never did do
In this uneasy mind, your memory will last
The same ol’ memory of me and you

16 thoughts on “Purple

  1. A poet, you undeniably are, conjuring mental images with your words. When all is said and done with relationships, it’s how we remember that dictates if regret or a feeling of gratitude will color the memory. Thanks for checking out my wordsmithing.

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  2. Hey nice way of putting words on regret …I think people think about regrets as in things they did in the past , but what also matters is those things they did not do in the past , I have had to deal with both ways at times , but like one of the comments already here ” everything happens for a reason ” – its not something everyone can just agree to – at times you just wish things were otherwise – but in the end its true , things do happen for a reason —– I guess ( still battling with it 😛 ) 🙂 ..thanks for visiting my blog and wonderful poetry – thanks for sharing .

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  3. I always felt that people put too much stock into regretting the things they’ve done. I mean the past is hard to look sometimes, but there is a reason that it is behind you. That way you can move forward without being hindered by the mistakes.
    Great poem!

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