Well Well Well, Oh Well

I thought you were my friend and my best pal

But you pushed me straight into a well

You saw me cry, you heard me yell

But in your eyes

I saw the flaming hell

I thought you really loved me dad

You fooled me to think that you really cared

But you proved me wrong, so wrong instead

While I was drowning

You seemed so glad

I’m your son, ma. I’m your son, you know

You used to love me, or at least I thought so

You nurtured me and watched me grow

But when I needed your hand

You just let me go

I never thought I could love you as much as you loved me

The moments we shared were so sweet, my dear Peggy

How wrong was I to be eventually?

While others were leaving

You too left me

Well, well, well oh well

I thought they would cry

When I die

How wrong was I?

They merely scoffed

And passed me by

11 thoughts on “Well Well Well, Oh Well

  1. my grandfather had a lot of people visit him when he was healthy.. asking for favors and all… then when he was diagnosed with cancer… you couldn’t find one of those people within a square mile radius…

    after he died,
    those people turned up once again trying to comfort my dad just so they could get favors from him too…

    so this poem struck a chord with me…

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  2. The disturbing thing about family is how well they can play the role of family. When it comes down to it as soon as the clock ticks midnight on your 18th birthday the real personalities seem to appear. Thank you for the great read. Keep it up


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