Summer Days

Summer days have come and gone

Left me shivering

I find myself alone

Half dead and withering

Have you lost your way

Amidst the pouring rain?

Feels like déjà vu

All over again

Stars used to be so bright

Till the tables took a turn

Now they watch me weep

Now they watch me burn

Little did I know

Nightmares do come true

Memories hurt so bad

When I think of you

Not one moment’s passed

Without you on my mind

Never thought you’d treat me

So cruel and unkind

I miss your warmth and hold

Never thought you’d turn so cold

Am I destined to be this way?

Am I dead or am I old?

So long so long

My fragile bones are calling on

You are just like those summer days

You too have come and gone


14 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Good morning, Frank! Thanks for stopping by and Liking my rather dark poem, Pairing Knife. If you go to my About, you’ll see a bit more about me and find that I am usually on the more cheerful side of life — but moments that are dark, do seep in on all of us.
    I do love the “return policy” of this blogging world….as in someone Likes something I wrote and it leads to my discovery of them 🙂
    This poem is quite amazing….the emotions run deep. And until I read the reply and comment about rhyming, I did not even notice the rhyming pattern — and that my new friend, is a true compliment. So many times writers use rhyme and it is forced….and then it takes away from the sense of the poem. I find myself “waiting” to see what the rhymed word will be. Does that make sense? In your writing here, I am carried away by the meaning of the poem and taking this journey with you….all the way to the end of summer. It is quite quite good!
    Shall stop by again…I am certain! 🙂
    Hope to “chat” with you again, over my morning cup of coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

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