Fare Thee Well

I had everything I wanted and happiness too

Now it’s all gone away except loneliness and you

I’ve got a house to run and bills to pay

Leave the loneliness behind but you be on your way

There are lessons here one must learn

It’s all over now, baby we’re done

Do you remember the time when we used to dance in the air?

Break all the rules and not give a care?

I only remember you nagging all day and snoring all night

Baby, don’t you understand I want you out of my sight

Darling, it has ceased to be fun

I hate to say it, but baby we’re done

We’ve changed a lot and you know it very well

I’ve been ignoring you, it isn’t hard to tell

Instead of hugs and kisses, we yell

It used to be a paradise but now it’s a living hell

Do you still think I’m the one?

Come on say it now, baby we’re done

For once let us give truth a chance

More than false hope and ugly romance

I’ve lost my smile and every pence

And you’re making me lose all of my sense

I’ve said what I have to. Now it’s your turn

Don’t bother me now, baby we’re done

It’s not like I didn’t give it a try

But couldn’t answer my heart when he asked why

Perhaps we were never meant to be

We’ll go our separate ways for it’s the land of the free

And if you get bored of yourself, here’s a gun

Shoot yourself or whatever, but baby we’re done

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