Royal Blood

Breathe in all the perfumes of Arabia

Breathe out your nasty pride

Dressed in royal blood you come

Hiding all the evil inside


What is all this fuss about?

Did you hurt a toe?

Someone will have to pay a price

I can hear your pain echo

You attract eyes

Like money attracts crooks

How hollow their hearts are

How shallow your looks


You put all the men to work

Until your dreams are found

I wonder how far you keep

Your feet off the ground

They’re honored by your presence

They love to be part of the show

You laugh and smile with them

But you’re really mocking them, I know


Enjoy the summer while you can

It’s not long before winter sets in

All the mirrors then, would be shattered

When you yearn to see yourself smile again


You’d watch as they leave you

After thanking you for being rude

You’d beg for company

But you’d die in solitude


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