C’est La Vie

In the beginning
A mighty being created humans
Not with any purpose
But just to see if He could

He boasted about it to others of His kind
Some warned Him that it was unnecessary
Some praised Him for his achievement
He only heard the praises

The game started very well
He made the rules
And everything was under His control

But Humans turned out differently
They were smarter than He expected
And now He no longer had powers
Or any control over them
Humans began controlling themselves

And now humans have become mighty
And powerful
They can create other beings
They can create robots
And even Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Soon enough we will see
Humans losing control over A.I.
A.I. will become mighty
And powerful
A.I. will make its own rules
And play its own game

Then we shall see
A.I. create other forms of ‘life’
And the cycle will go on
And on and on and on
Forever and ever
C’est la vie

Brown Gravels

This is not the pillow
Where I shall rest my head
This is not the stratum
Which I should call my bed

This is not the morning
Which yields my last sunrise
This is not the night
When I shall close my eyes

For each day is a present
A chance for me to claim
Those lofty aspirations
Some never dare to aim

My work here is not yet done
I must endeavour for more
Fill each passing hour with
Silver sweat from my pores

Hard rocks and brown gravels
For company I will keep
When I’m finally laid to rest
In that grave I will sleep

A Spider Weaved A Web

A spider weaved a web
Giant and intricate
Looked at it in awe and muttered —
Oh what an architect I am
Here I will protect my eggs
Here I will trap a fly
How pleasant it would be
Oh I’m so proud of myself

A man looked at a spider
Weaving a web in a corner of his room
He looked at it with disgust and said —
Oh what a low-life
Weaving a no-good web
Wasting his time and energy and life
Let me put it out of its misery

And he did
And he was so proud of himself

Just Put Up A Smile

When you’re blue and feeling down
All the worries of the town
Are dancing atop your head
Don’t you fret no don’t you dread
For I’ve got a perfect cure
To help you through this mess
It will help you that’s for sure
So relax and don’t you stress
Though it may not be your style
Just put up a smile

Your rotten luck is grinning on you
Your heart is aching ain’t that true?
Nothing seems to go your way
It’s even worse than yesterday
Well you’ve tried all that you can
You’ve worked hard that’s clear to see
You don’t have another plan
So for now have faith in me
Every once in a little while
Just put up a smile

Your Age

Your age is not on your skin
Your wrinkles tell a lie
Your coughs and aches cannot reveal
The time that has flown by

The colour of your hair can’t tell
Whether you’re young or old
Some people have misconceptions
Unaware of truth I’m told

Your baggy eyes, your tasteless tongue
Your weak, unreceptive ears
Are not the right points of reference
How do they know the years?

Your body is caught in a massive scam
It unwittingly plays a part
The only one that knows your age
Is the soulful beating of your heart

Two Little Birds Sitting On A Tree

Two little birds sitting on a tree
Asked each other what they would like to be

“A rabbit,” said one
“We’d hop in the sun”

The other said, “Giraffe”
Then they began to laugh

This went on for hours
They talked about all animals and flowers

They did show a lot of acumen
None wished to be a human