Off I Went To Cut A Tree

Off I went to cut a tree
For I was in need of wood
So I grabbed the sharpest axe
To chop the best I could
In a forest of hundred trees
I picked the strongest one
Just a few hours of trying labour
And my job be done
As I was about to strike
The first and fierce blow
The marked tree turned and looked at me
Warmly greeted me “Hello”
I pinched myself just to see
If I was dreaming in daylight
When the giant tree spoke to me
“Who did give you the right
To chop and cut as you please
With very little care
About the lives of our tribe
Like we’re a piece of spare?”
“I’m sorry if you think that way”
Quick came my reply
“I never knew that even trees do
Feel pain, hurt and cry
A few branches is all I need
What harm can it do to you?”
“In that case,” the tree replied
“Forfeit a finger or two”
Leaning forward the mighty tree
Tried to grab my hand
I dropped my axe and off I ran
Lest he’d have me panned
While I ran, I saw and found
The forest staring at me
With a shudder I made a vow
Never again to cut a tree


The Kids With Whom I Went To School

The kids with whom I went to school
Are all grown up and settled now
They’re all rich and fancy cool
But I can’t find a job somehow

They’ve got pretty houses with pretty families
They spend their days working earning tons of monies
So busy that they have no time to meet me
My cat and my poems make up my family
I never made it big in life so they think I’m a fool
All the darned kids with whom I went to school

But I’ve also heard that they’re too busy
To spend some time with their families
They barely get any time to even catch some sleep
So they lie awake at night. I know they quietly weep
They wear those tight masks and speak those white lies
Their hair are all grey and they’ve got baggy eyes
Their lives are full of stress and immense mental strain
They couldn’t even enjoy a single moment of rain

Sometimes I really wonder who’s the real fool
The kids with whom I went to school
They’re all rich and fancy cool
They’re all grown up and settled down
But I’m the one with the golden crown

The Child In You

Look outside your window. Look up at the sky
Do you see an octopus and three little pigs that fly?
Is there a one-eyed witch with fifty nine tails
Casting a spell on a bandit and his thirty five snails?
Do you see a fiery knight in his dark armour
Playing chess with the young daughter of a farmer?
Is it raining donuts and chocolates from the skies?
A giant rooster and a hamster share a thousand eyes
Did lightning burn the bridge between heaven and hell?
Are the angels of outer space feeling unwell?
You don’t see anything? Have you got your glasses on?
Wait a minute. Have I been talking to a grown-up all along?

Sleep Little Baby, Sleep

Sleep little baby, sleep
I’ve written a hundred lullabies
Sung a few more
But there’s no sleep in your eyes
Sleep little baby, sleep
Sleep while you can
Once you’ve grown up
You won’t be sleeping again
Sleep little baby, sleep
Listen to me so
I wish I was a baby myself
I wish it so, you know
Sleep little baby, sleep
You’re smiling while I weep
Wishing someone would tell me
Sleep little baby, sleep