Tell Me How To Sleep

Tell me how to lose my self
Lose my senses and my thoughts
Transport myself to a dreamy world
Albeit temporarily but still
Tell me how to sleep

Show me the pleasure that you gain
From a reprieve of the mind
From the worries and the stress
In the companionship of Death’s son
Show me how to sleep

Teach me what I do not know
I fail to silence my inner voice
How do I tire my body and my soul?
What’s your somniferous song?
Teach me how to sleep

Tell me how fresh the morning feels
Show me the peace in solitude
Teach me a trick, an easy shortcut
Tell this ghost of liberation
Tell me how to sleep

Come Haunt Me

Won’t you come and haunt me
Every night in my sleep?
If it’s the only way for us to talk
So be it
I was caught surprised the first time
I got scared too easily
I didn’t realise what it was
What were you trying to say?
Why did I pray to never experience it again?
What foolishness have I done?
Was it your only bridge to me? To the world?
Did I burn it up? Never to be resurrected again?
If there is a way do let me know
I’ll do what I can
The hole in me is still not filled
I suppose it never will be
Tell me what I need to do
So that you can come and haunt me again

You Are Beautiful

I think that you are beautiful
With a delightful innocence
With a kindness-leaking heart
Flowing in abundance
But you do not think so

I see that you are beautiful
With dark mysterious eyes
With lips that tell a story
That no shade can disguise
But you do not see so

I believe that you are beautiful
Nature’s finest song
Melodious and soothing
For me to hum along
But you do not believe so

Believe me please believe me
See what I can see
Your soul is the finest specimen
Of humankind’s beauty

A Naughty Boy

Son, you’ve been acting really good
From the plate you’ve cleared the food
And your room is mighty clean
Not a stray toy can be seen

You’ve been smiling weird all day
I feel like you’ve got something to say
Did you stain your school clothes
Or did you pinch your sister’s nose?

I haven’t seen you run at all
Or jump or scream or shout or fall
I know I know that something’s wrong
Oh I feel it quite so strong

Come out now son with your tale
I promise you won’t go to jail
Did you break a glass or pot?
Did you, son, or did you not?

Oh what is that now? Let me see
Your teacher wants to again see me?
A bad report card again I guess
Oh boy you are in such a mess

Hand it over to me, will you?
It’s not something I’m not used to
Ah but wait just what is this?
You’ve scored more than your genius sis

In fact you’ve scored more than everyone
You’ve topped the class my dear son
Oh this thing brings me such a joy
To know you’re not such a naughty boy

Come To Me

Come to me with all your sadness
With all your scars and your aches
Come to me

Come to me with all your madness
With all your cracks and heartbreaks
Come to me

Come to me without a thought
Whether you’re broken or you think you’re not
Come to me

Come to me with an open heart
Even though it is lonely for a start
Come to me

Come to me and I will try
Ensure that you never have to cry
No more sorrows or goodbyes
Come come to me

Come to me I will heal
No more hurt you will feel
You will know the joy that’s real
Come come to me