An Office Cool

One thing that I want to know
Where, for work, does Daddy go?
Must be a place full of fun
He wakes up earlier than the sun
Hurries his bath and his brush
He always seems in such a rush
Skips his breakfast, makes a run
His office must be a lot of fun
I wait for him at home all day
Time never seems to fly away
When at night he knocks the door
He looks exhausted to the core
Eats his meal and goes to bed
Oh I’m so envious of my dad
Only one conclusion I can draw
He must be riding a see-saw
And playing on the slides and swings
With other people just like him
There’s no option but to pray
That I too can be like him someday
Dear God, what can’t you do?
Just one thing that I ask of you
As soon as I get out of school
I wanna join an office cool

Nothing To Do

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Daddy goes to office
Mother does too
I sit at home
With nothing to do
So I sit and write
Poems for you
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I wish I had a brother
And a sister too
Together we would have
Something to do
Better than writing poems
That don’t sound new
Roses are red
Violets are blue

I Won’t Brush My Teeth Tomorrow

I don’t like waking up
Early in the morning
The sun taps at my window
Without a formal warning
Get up against my will
For a lousy day at school
What new will they teach me?
I’d rather be a fool
Is there an excuse I can borrow?
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

I’ve got a perfect set of teeth
They’re shiny and white
What disaster’s gonna happen
If I don’t brush them right?
How bad could it get?
What curse would befall?
What harm would it cause
If I don’t brush at all?
The routine’s full of sorrow
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

I hate my mom and dad
They buy me a fancy brush
But when I ask for a toy
They’re in no kind of rush
What can I say to them
When they don’t hear a reason
Am I some kinda criminal?
Is this some kinda prison?
I don’t want my toothbrush to glow
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

I think it’s a big old scam
To make one brush everyday
When I would rather spend
That time instead to play
Granny brushed all her life
Yet look where she’s now
She’s got those ugly dentures
That belong on a cow
I can’t wait to have my way once I grow
I won’t brush my teeth tomorrow

Today I’ll Enjoy School

Today I’ll enjoy school
For today’s a good day
I am motivated
Sun shines on my way

Today I’ll study well
Make my teacher proud
When she asks a question
I will answer loud

Enough of the fun
Of jokes and crazy names
No more planes of paper
No more silly games

I’ve combed my hair today
My shirt’s tucked in all right
I’ve even done my homework
I worked on it all night

Today I’ve reached on time
Today I’m not late
Is the universe listening?
People mark the date

Oh what is it they tell me?
School’s called off for the day
A fire broke out somewhere
My motivation flew away

A Cloud With Ears

Look up at the sky
I see a cloud with ears
Big and round and fluffy
Is it spinning as it nears

Oh look there’s another
This one’s got a tail
Is it a monkey’s or a lizard’s
Let me follow the trail

Oh that tiny cloud
Seems to me it’s lost
Let me find its mother
No matter what the cost

There I see it now
The mother I have found
— Never leave its hand again
Lest it might stray around

Oh what is that now?
Such a giant cloud!
I think it’s come to eat me
Help! Help! I scream out loud

Ms. Deville

There is no soul filled with evil
More than my teacher — Ms. Deville
She’s big, old and awfully scary
She wants to feast on me and Gary
To keep her nasty plan from foiling
She gives homework; keeps us toiling
Asks us to read books of fiction
Improve our grammar and our diction
If our lunch is filled with cheese
She’ll change it with her green veggies
She expects an answer that’s correct
Well-kept hair and back erect
To laugh in her class is improper
There must be some device to stop her
If there isn’t one I’ll have to create
Send her to Congo or Kuwait
So let me find out what she’s doing
Who she meets and where she’s going

Johnny Keeps Pulling My Hair

I’ve warned him many times you see
I’ve told him to beware
But Johnny never listens to me
He just keeps pulling my hair

Whether I’m sleeping or wide awake
He catches me unaware
He also never takes a break
He just wants to pull my hair

He knows it frustrates me a lot
He really doesn’t care
All he cares is the fun he’s got
From constantly pulling my hair

I’ve complained to Daddy quite often
He’s taken a beating there
Still his heart doesn’t seem to soften
Argh! He loves to pull my hair

Mommy it is up to you now
Put in his head a scare
Make him stop this thing somehow
I don’t want him pulling my hair

Let his hair grow a little too long
I think it is only fair
Let me grow a little too strong
So that I can pull his hair

Mom I Want A Pet Dino

Mom I have no bro or sis
But I’ve never complained about this
There’s only one thing I wanna know
Will I get a pet dino?

There are a lot of toys to play
But I can’t play them every day
They get boring beyond a point or so
Mom I want a pet dino

I’ll act very good you see
Only make one promise to me
To the store you and Dad will go
To get me a little pet dino

I’ll take good care of it too
This is, Mom, my promise to you
I’ll keep my room clean also
Mom I want a pet dino

I’ve never asked you for anything
Except last month for a giant sling
It’s not like I’m asking for a wild rhino
Mom I want a pet dino