Sadness Is Your Shadow

Sadness is your shadow
Waiting for a little spark
To rear its ugly head
And follow you everywhere
It engulfs you
It never leaves your side
How futile your means to escape!

You are the light
The light from which it is born
Nothing may be faster than light
But it isn’t any slower

Let it do its things
It can only do so much
Wherever there is light
There will be a shadow
Sadness is inferior to you
It is a mere reflection
You are the supreme being
Keep shining!

Your Age

Your age is not on your skin
Your wrinkles tell a lie
Your coughs and aches cannot reveal
The time that has flown by

The colour of your hair can’t tell
Whether you’re young or old
Some people have misconceptions
Unaware of truth I’m told

Your baggy eyes, your tasteless tongue
Your weak, unreceptive ears
Are not the right points of reference
How do they know the years?

Your body is caught in a massive scam
It unwittingly plays a part
The only one that knows your age
Is the soulful beating of your heart

Written In The Stars

She is a star
A massive massive star
With a strong gravitational force
Which keeps pulling me towards her
No matter how hard I try to fight it
It is all in vain
I keep circling around her
And I am not the only one
There are other rocks too
She loves the attention
She is a bully
Her light slowly burns me
Kills me bit by bit
She’s only getting stronger
I know she’ll never love me
I’ve accepted my fate
It’s written in the stars

Goodbye Love You Had Me

Goodbye Love you had me
Into a ditch you led me
When I tried to rise above
You drugged me with your toxic love

Goodbye Love you fooled me
With your charm you pulled me
Now that I am a bit aware
I have really stopped to care

Goodbye Love you tricked me
With your lies you pricked me
All the scars that fail to heal
Show me what was fake and real

Goodbye Love you scammed me
No more feelings damned be
Guess t’was too much to expect
Love and a little respect

If You Think That Love Is Perfect

If you think that love is perfect
Then you are a fool
You are yet to learn the basics
Come, go back to school

You expect love to be perfect
Wait! Did I hear ‘expect’?
If your love’s full of expectations
Then for you I’ve no respect

If you’re looking for a perfect love
You’re most probably ill
Love is flawed, love is silly
Far from perfect still