Education System

Oh this education system is a fail
They say math is beautiful
To that I will agree
They say math speaks truth
But that truth I can’t see
Well at least you can see my heart wail
Oh this education system is a fail

Oh this education system is a fail
They taught me calculus
I studied zero and pi
Math is supposed to be fun
But boy it makes me cry
They’re hammering my head with a nail
Oh this education system is a fail

Oh this education system is a fail
I can solve all the problems
With sin, cos and tan
But I don’t know how to use them
I don’t know where or when
How much longer will this madness prevail?
Oh this education system is a fail

Oh this education system is a fail
I am a master of none
But a jack of all trades
I never bothered learning
Only bothered about grades
I’m a boat with winds but no sail
Oh this education system is a fail

A Monstrous Secret

In the middle of the night
I woke up with a start
When I felt some heavy breathing
Neighbouring my heart

I rubbed my eyes to see
A frightening monstrous surprise
Staring back at me sternly
With two giant wobbly eyes

He crawled ever so close to me
And gave a hideous roar
Everything started to tremble
Even the windows and the door

I stretched my right hand out
To keep the monster at bay
Hid my face between the knees
As I began to cry and pray

The monster took my hand
Shook it a little bit
I looked up and saw him smiling
I was at the end of my wit

O’ the monster was only lonely
He had no bad intend
The roar was his way of saying
“Will you be my friend?”

Yes, we are good friends now
But don’t tell this to my brother
Keep this our little secret
Maybe I’ll tell you another

O’ Dear Daughter

O’ Dear Daughter
When you were four
I would read you fairy-tales
To get you to sleep
But you would be so engrossed
In every little detail
That you put off sleep
Even when it knocked hard on your eyes
I could see
A gamut of expressions
On your face
As you imagined characters
And stories in your head
And it was easy reading you
When you were angry, it showed
When you were blue, you were blue
When you were sad, you were sad
When you were happy, I knew

Now you are twenty four
You still love me
I still love you
But this love is not the same
That love was far better
Fairy-tale days are long gone
And so are the expressions on your face
I can no longer read you
I can’t tell if you are hurt
I can’t tell if you are merry
I can’t tell if you are worried
I can’t tell anything
I can’t tell if my little girl is lost
Or has she merely evolved
I don’t see her eyes lighten up
With amazement anymore
Life has taken over you
Just like it took me too

My Planet Is In A Crisis

My planet is in a crisis
It’s slowly burning down
We are all feeling the effects
In every city and town

Temperatures are rising
Icebergs are falling apart
The sight of forest fires
Is an arrow through my heart

Short-sightedness of humans
Has disrupted all lives
Birds and plants and animals
Only the fittest survives

Then there are other disasters
That have a natural birth
A way of warning humans
About this planet’s worth

Not a lot of time left now
Before we will all be gone
My planet is in a crisis
How is yours going on?

Bless The Women Of This Earth

We don’t know what they’re going through
Nor what they have been or their value
We don’t realise what they are worth
God, bless the women of this earth

The catastrophe would be unclear
If, one day, they were to disappear
No life, no joy, no light, no birth
God, bless the women of this earth

I wonder if our presence is a curse
Would they be better off without all of us?
Oh we’re plenty and they are dearth
God, bless the women of this earth

Quite often we may take them for granted
But they never have been unwanted
Is Life still Life without their mirth?
God, bless the women of this earth

Where In This World Do You Find Good Sleep?

Is it in a full tummy
After knowing what hunger is like?
Or is it in a carefree head
Post battling an anxiety strike?
Is it in a rich man’s pocket
That has overcome all hardships
Or is it in a bloodied nose
That has won a championship?
Is it in a wise mouth
Restrained from all evil and vile?
Or is it in a helping hand
That lends someone a smile
Is it in the innocent?
Is it in someone who is true?
Is it in the righteous?
Oh tell me, is it in you?

Hide And Seek – Part 13/13

A long, long time ago
Darkness and Light dwelled in Heaven
Closest friends you might ever see
Inseparable, the two of them were
Running around, jumping, playing
Spreading happiness everywhere
Always together

They were also God’s favourite children
He loved them so much
That He let the world be their playground
But He also gave them some duties
He asked them
To keep the playground clean and safe
To keep it intact
To not let any harm come to it
All they had to do was keep the balance
Of Light and Darkness
In every corner of the world

One ill-fated day
While leisuring with Darkness
Light forgot all about her duties
A portion of the universe
Was left unattended
It began to rot
And soon it withered
Withered beyond recovery

When Light realised her folly
Fear gripped her heart
Afraid that God might punish her
For neglecting her duty
For letting harm come to the universe
Darkness was worried for his friend too

Light trembled, “What do I do? What have I done? How can I be so careless? What will happen of me? How would I defend myself?”

Darkness said, “I think you should admit to the truth. Go ahead, and own up. It is scary and difficult but it will be the right thing to do.”

“Oh no, I can’t. I just can’t,” cried Light. “What if He stops loving me for what I did? What if He doesn’t let us play together anymore?”

“Whatever He may decide, it will be right,” answered Darkness. “But we must also do what is right. You must speak to Him before it is too late.”

Light decided not to disclose the truth supposing that God may never find out about it

When God summoned the two for an explanation
Light did not utter a single word
She stood still
But her heart was shaking

Darkness looked at Light and realised
That she was too scared to do anything
He decided to lie for her
Lie something, anything
He knew God would catch him
But something had to be done
He was about to say something when…

“It is my fault,” Light spoke. “There is no excuse for it. I let harm come to our playground. I was negligent. You may punish me as you deem fit.” She turned and looked at Darkness with tears filling her eyes. Darkness looked back at her with a faint smile, reassuring her that she had done the right thing.

And God gave His verdict

“You have been negligent, but you have also been brave enough to own up to it. I could restore that portion of the world but I wouldn’t. That is your punishment. The good part is that it is your only punishment. I forgive you. You may play together again. The playground is still yours and open and vast. Go and play. The playground is yours and it will forever be yours. It will be whatever you make of it.”

Light and Darkness looked at each other in jubilation. Darkness ran away from the spot, “Catch me if you can.” Chasing his tail, Light said, “I will. I will.”

And they have been playing Hide and Seek ever since, but Light has never been able to catch Darkness yet. Whenever she comes close to catching him, he disappears.