Just Passing By

A little lonely and a little cold
Not having a warm thing to hold
I’m just passing by
Please step out of my way
Serene scenes sweep up the air
Screeching trains come and disappear
All these catch my eye
But I have nothing to say
Days are days and nights are nights
Days are the same
But nights are different

Spare a thought for the hungry man
Who tries to do the best he can
Excuse me Sir
Can you tell me the fare?
Don’t look up, don’t look straight
Let your Future sleep with Fate
Don’t even look at her
Or even here or there
Days are quiet and nights are bright
Days seem the same
But the nights have all changed

Run me through the guide only
Tell me where to go
All the worries fail to glow
Nothing will matter if you don’t know
Days come and go with the morning sun
Nights stick around for some fun
It’s a little lonely
But I’ve always been so

Tomorrow My Life Is Going To Change

Tomorrow my life is going to change
I am unready to face the strange
Tonight is the night that I get
To cling to things I can’t forget
Tomorrow will bring a brand new dawn
Like the one I’ve never known
Tonight I sleep in a familiar bed
On such pillow I rest my head
Tomorrow I may cry all alone
For I will be lost and unknown
Tonight is the night I have to smile
So let me be happy for a while

Calm My Soul

I need some faith to walk this way
A little light to shine today
For my heart’s a-beating faster
It’s anxiety I can’t master
Now my hands are feeling colder
Now my skin is getting older
But I intend to get this through with
Break the curse and smash the myth
Tell me which way I should run
Tell me when the running’s done
Is there a strength I need to borrow
To rid my heart of all the sorrow?
Make my legs a little braver
Swing the strong winds in my favour
Only then will I reach my goal
Only then will I calm my soul

All Men Are Born With Flaws

Come people, look around you
See what I can see
There’s not a single one of us
Can flawless claim to be

I see a lazy man
Idling his time away
I also see a glutton
Eating night and day

There I see a gambler
Who’s gambled all his life
I also know a friend
Who’s cheating on his wife

Scores of men I see
To whom anger comes too easy
I also see men corrupt
Violent and sleazy

It aches to see a child
Who thinks that lying is fun
It aches more to see another
Handling a gun

It aches to see a teen
Who’s found a friend in drugs
It aches to hear of teens
As criminals and thugs

So many sinners and fraudsters
Everywhere you see
Oh people look around you
Look at you and me

No matter how hard we try
We can’t escape Nature’s claws
Never consider yourself perfect
All men are born with flaws

You Are My World

When I look up
I can see the sky
Filled with birds
Spreading wings to fly

When I look down
I can see the land
That holds my weight
While I hold your hand

When I look left
I can see a tree
Full of bloom
It amazes me

When I look right
I can smell the scent
Of bright red flowers
A time well spent

Wherever I look
Whichever way
Is more beautiful
Than I can say

Yes it’s stunning
This pure beauty
But sadly it
Means nothing to me
All I know
Is a beautiful girl
You’re all to me
You are my world

I Was Born To Love You

With every passing second
It is getting clear
The purpose of my life and
The reason why I’m here
Nothing is more precious
Than this time with you
You’re the soil I stand on
You’re the sky so blue
I was born to love you

Just remember baby
To never let me go
You’re the air I’m breathing
You’re the God I know
Fill my lungs with life now
Fill my heart anew
Charge my barren veins with
A spark that I never knew
I was born to love you

This world may be empty
Meaningless and cold
Yet my life’s got a purpose
A meaning I do hold
No force can ever stop me
From feeling as I do
I was born for a purpose
And that goal is you
I was born to love you

My Life Is Incomplete

Let a bolt of lightning
Strike me on my head
Despite its mighty powers
I won’t end up dead

Let there be a flood
A mighty, mighty flood
It won’t be enough
To drown away my blood

Let them send an army
With swords or guns or bombs
They will never stop me
My time has not yet come

If Death herself came knocking
To put forth her demands
I will not obey her
She’ll return with empty hands

My life is incomplete
I think you know it too
I’m not going to die
Until I have had you