A Frog With A Giant Nose

There is a frog with a very big nose
He has no friends but a thousand foes
Every secret he would disclose
Not a word he holds too close

He also has quite massive eyes
Seemingly from all the lies
That he spoke about white mice
Yet he thinks that he is wise

What do I say about his ears?
They have been growing for some years
For causing koalas to shed tears
And making rabbits grow new fears

And that is not all that is odd
For a tongue he’s got a rod
And a head that just can’t nod
Oh what a bod! My dear God!

Only the clever piggy knows
The cure for froggy’s giant nose
How he could fit in his clothes
From his head to his toes
Since the frog was never nice
The piggy won’t give his advice
To cure his tongue, his ears, his eyes
Till he won’t stop acting wise

I Won’t Die Till I’ve Had You

Now we may not be together
This distance but won’t last forever
I’ll be there I promise you
Hold you tight and love you too
Nothing can stop me now I swear
Where you are I’ll be there
I’ll be there I promise you
I won’t die till I’ve had you

Troubled thoughts may block my way
Petty doubts won’t go away
Yet none of that will bother me
I’ll be yours you just see
For I have the purest love for you
For your love anything I’ll do
With every day it grows anew
I can’t die till I’ve had you

Open the doors, wait for me
Close your eyes and count to three
I’ll be there when you open your eyes
Together we’ll spend our beautiful lives
You don’t know how eager am I
To hold your hand, look in your eye
Very soon it will come true
I won’t die till I’ve had you

My Favourite Poem

I like poems that make me laugh
An aching neck of an old giraffe
An orangutan who chased his tail
An orange zebra all set to sail

I also like the ones about ghosts
The silly one where they eat their hosts
The gruesome one about a witch
Who threw little children in a ditch

Then there are poems that inspire me
Give me hope amidst a tragedy
Throw sunshine on a dark day
When nothing seems to go my way

What can I say about poems that rhyme?
I love to read them all the time
The tone and meter is well set
Once you read them, you can’t forget

All these poems I love a lot
When there’s nothing, they’re all I’ve got
I read them all, I love them too
But my favourite poem is You

You Are A Flower

You are a flower
Who has the power
To liven up my day
With your colours bright
Facing the sunlight
Joy is coming my way

Come close to me
Let my eyes see
And my nose smell
You and your beauty
Oh you’re such a cutie
Oh things are going well

Now let me hold
Your petals made of gold
Oh this sweet tender touch
Come be with me
Forever we will be
Oh I love you so much

For Our Best

Believe me when I tell you
I hear my old heart ache
Every time it pumps blood
Whenever it’s awake
It’s because it’s missing
A very precious part
This distance’s like a dagger
Cutting it apart

Well there’s very little
For us now to do
We’ll have to bide our time and
Pass this tough phase too
Yes I know it’s trying
Hold on to what we’ve got
Tomorrow we’ll be stronger
For today that we have fought

It brings a smile to my face
To think of what is next
Future’s stretched out his arms
It is for our best
With all the little memories
This love will grow so strong
Nothing will ever stop us
As we love, sing this song

No I Don’t Remember The Date

No I don’t remember the date
When I first laid eyes on you
But I remember the adrenaline
That burst through my nerves
As my eyes made merry

No I don’t remember the date
When I first held your hand
But I remember the tingling sensation
That jolted through my veins
As we walked together

No I don’t remember the date
When we exchanged our vows
But I remember the luminosity
That danced upon your face
As I stood there mesmerized

No I don’t remember the date
When I last made breakfast for us
But I remember the charming smile
That spoke more than words
As you chewed the half-burnt bread

No I don’t remember the date
When we had that huge fight
But I remember how you apologised
Even though I was wrong
As I felt my ego melt away

No I don’t remember the date
Printed on today’s papers
But I remember you, my love
That is all I need to remember
As I count my final breaths