Love Is That Mother

Love is that mother
Who taught me how to speak
Taught me how to walk, run and jump
Yet never to be weak

Love is that mother
Who read me stories till I slept
Tickled me till I could laugh no more
Wiped my tears when I wept

Love is that mother
Who woke up at midnight
To check my body temperature
When fever gave me a fright

Love is that mother
Who found sorrow in my sorrow
Happiness in my happiness
Promise in my tomorrow

Love is that mother
God’s purest form to see
Fills the gaps in this heartless world
Where God himself cannot be

Love Is A Dream

Love is a dream
Fleeting and mysterious
Comes and goes at will
Where to? Where from? Nobody knows
How does it happen? Why does it happen? Nobody knows

Love is a dream
Hard to tell its purpose
Or the meaning behind it all
Is there a secret that we do not know?
Or does it hold no meaning at all?

Love is a dream
Transports you to a magical world
Where everything is to your liking
And it is your empire
But sometimes it puts you
In a ghoulish place
You feel like running away
But there is no escape

Love is a dream
Some last longer than others
But they all must end
Not to leave your side forever
But to come back stronger
Tomorrow again

Love Is A Chocolate

Love is a chocolate
That you simply can’t resist
Maybe it’s the only reason
Why some of us exist

Love is a chocolate
Tingling at your senses
Assemble your finest army
It still penetrates defenses

Love is a chocolate
Makes everything else so pale
So rich in texture and universal
No comparison could prevail

Love is a chocolate
In each and every way
From the craving to the taste
What more is there to say?

Love Is A Virus

Love is a virus
So easy to catch
Equally difficult to then
For one to unattach

It grows inside of you
Multiplies exponentially
No matter how hard you fight
You give in eventually

You refuse to get treated
You enjoy the pain, I’m sure
Even if you wish for help
There’s no one with a cure

Once you begin to host it
You will be changed somehow
You are left with no choice
You have to live with it now

Love Is A Window

Love is a window

Open it to welcome the bright sunshine of a smiling face
Close it to shield yourself from the rough winds of disloyalty

Open it to hear the chirps from the lips of a doting soul
Close it to keep the racket of expectations at bay

Open it to smell the fragrance hiding in a gentle caress
Close it to protect yourself from the foul smell of regret

Open it to love and lose and love and learn
Close it to never feel any kind of pain

Love Is Beautiful

Love is beautiful
From day to night
From left to right
From summer to autumn
From top to bottom
Love is beautiful
From sky to earth
From death to birth
From father to mother
From sister to brother
Love is beautiful
From light to dark
From sparrow to lark
From past to future
From God to nature
Love is in everything
And love is beautiful