My Best Friend Is A Ghost

My best friend was seven
When he died last year
In the sea we were swimming
Then he disappeared
Now the ghost of my friend
Comes to play with me
All the folks in this town
Think I’ve gone crazy
But they can’t see what I see
They don’t understand
I don’t really blame them
They’ve never had a friend
Never had a friend with whom
They went to have a swim
Took him to the deep end
To watch the sea devour him

A Grandmother’s Woe

I woke up and I saw
My grandson in my room
On the back of a clown
Riding him like a cowboy
Swinging his imaginary lasso
Ordering him to jump
Go here and then go there
He looked at me and smiled
He wanted me to cheer him
I wanted to clap for him
But I could not
I don’t know why
But I was happy
To see him happy

My grandson fell on the floor
Blood leaking from his head
The clown looked at him hysterically
He bent down and
Started licking the blood
I shrieked in terror and disgust
That’s when I realised
My hands were tied to my bed
I screamed for help
The clown got up
Looked at me and laughed
As he melted away
With his remains splattered on the floor

My daughter-in-law came rushing
I narrated her my tale
Barely able to communicate
As I sobbed profusely
She calmed me down
Said there was nothing to worry about
“There’s no blood or clown drops on the floor
You do not even have a grandson”

Horrors Of A Phone

Last night I heard a whisper
A soft strange chilling sound
When I woke up I saw
My cell phone floating around

It looked at me and laughed
It gave me a hideous smile
I laid there quite confused
I laid still for a while

Then it came close to me
Patted me once or twice
Don’t remember much after that
It put sleep in my eyes

This morning when I awoke
The device was lying still
Just like I had left it
No life or force or will

I shrugged it off my mind
Like a dream that felt too real
Carried on with my routine
Like it was no big a deal

But it’s night time now
The horror is back it seems
I pinched myself to find
That these are no dreams


I see their eyes glow in the night
And it scares me
I can see no other light
It despairs me

They fly and circle, suck my blood
And it’s deadly
I can’t fight or speak a word
I lose sadly

Save me, someone save me please
Get me out
They’ve got me crawling on my knees
Down and out

Is this a dream? Am I surreal?
I hope not
All this pain just feels too real
It’s all I’ve got

The A To Z Of Horror

A is for Anxious
B is for Blood
Z is for Zombies
Covered in mud

C is for Cat
D is for Dark
W is for Wolf
With its scary bark

E is for Evil
F is for Fright
Q is for Queen
The queen of the night

G is for Ghosts
H is for House
Which is cursed and haunted
M is for Mouse

I am Insecure
J is for Jack
U is for Undead
Who are coming back

K means a King
Who killed his hundred wives
L stands for Lost
All the lost lives

N is for Night-time
O is for Owl
P is for Panic
When you hear a howl

R is for Raven
S is for Soul
Y is for You
They’re gonna eat you whole

T is for Tragic
V for Vampire
X are those dead eyes
On a funeral pyre

My Body Houses Eleven Rats

My body houses eleven rats
They nibble and chew at my heart
The first one’s not afraid of cats
The second finds murder an art

The third one often plays dirty
Keeps running around here and there
The fourth is granted full liberty
The fifth rat is her heir

The sixth rat drinks all my blood
The seventh likes to have a smoke
The eighth one rolls around in mud
The ninth’s too wise for a joke

The tenth has a library to keep
Literature of all known pains
The last one puts everyone to sleep
So tomorrow they can start again