O’ Stacy

Just because I’m laughing, doesn’t mean I’m free

I know I have hurt you and you know you’ve hurt me

But I’m your destination and you’re my destiny

If I were to leave now, will you come with me

Away from this distraction. ‘Twas just you and me

O’ Stacy, ’twas just you and me

The love still remains here. I see it in your eyes

Can we buy a magic potion to rid our lives of lies?

Farewell to all the monsters. Bid them our last goodbyes

When I am sitting with you, all my troubles fly

Away to another land. ‘Tis just you and me

O’ Stacy, ’tis just you and me

This home has nothing for me and it will never do

I’ll be packing my bags and I hope to get through

This place has nothing for me. Don’t you feel it too?

I know where I’m going in these worn-out shoes

Away from everyone here, where there’s just me and you

O’ Stacy, just me and you

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