I Fear Falling In Love Again

I fear falling in love again

It hurts so bad

Drives me mad

Makes me sad

I fear falling in love again

I fear falling in love again

Makes me care too much

Makes me think too much

Makes me fear too much

I fear falling in love again

I fear falling in love again

Tears me apart

When it starts

To break my heart

I fear falling in love again

I fear falling in love again

But it is all for good

Learnt a lesson before I could

Run away from the truth and should

Fear falling in love again

63 thoughts on “I Fear Falling In Love Again

  1. So sad, bu true. I feel you. I don’t want to fall in love again. Because I knew how felt the broken heart. My husband cheating on me. And he leaves us ( me and our daughter) for someone else. And I feel so hurt. I never ever want to fall in love again.

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  2. Love is a flame,
    I find I am burned and burned and burned yet again.
    Til it’s warmth is as feared as its fire.
    Without it my heart turns cold.
    While fire scared my heart and mind.
    This ice, it mars my soul.
    To feel, to live, to desire to adore.
    I would but turn into a cloud.
    So I could not feel no more.
    But though I don’t, I do.
    It’s a strange love but it’s true.
    I suppose, I’d say
    That this flame is made of ice.

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  3. It is scary. Vulnerability, of which giving over your heart is the ultimate, is so scary for some. I am really good at being strong and vulnerability is definitely hard for me too. But risking pain is sometimes the only way to finding that great love. And risking yourself says volumes to the other person. Your vulnerability shows in even being able to know this in yourself and write these words.

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                    1. Oh, that pulls at my heart. You have such goodness in you, truly a good heart. No matter what things make you question your worth, what plagues your mind, what makes you question yourself, know that you are worthy. Worthy of your someone else’s, worthy of God’s love, worthy of your own love. I wish I could wash away all those doubts…

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                    2. Believe in you? That’s just the start of it. Inspire, admire, esteem and treasure. I know you value your writing, but it really is not easy to convey emotion the way you do. And beyond that you have been a friend. Believing in you is a given, my friend. Never doubt that.

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                    3. Thank you so much. Yes, I love my writing. And I hope it can change the life of someone for the better. I hope my work helps you and others in some way. It is this kind of motivation and encouragement that keeps me coming back. It is what keeps me breathing. Thank you

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                    4. It does. Whether it be just a fleeting smile for the day, serious pondering of life and love, or real reflection into how words work together, it effects every reader. Breathe free, my friend, and know your work is appreciated. Most welcome and thank you for every poem, every line, every word. You create magic that most of us strive for.

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  4. Amazing…. But wait till someone special makes you forget all ur fears… That’s when life’s gonna be worth it….

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  5. Ah but when you meet the right one your fears will fall from you like leaves from the trees in Autumn πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

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