38 thoughts on “Rabbits And Cages Revisited

  1. Its such a perfect timing ! I was wondering the same thing today. I want to fall in Love and to be loved, but I won’t just settle. In the meantime, I’ll work on my school project which is on Charlie Chaplin, he’s wise and romantic. – There’s hope.

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  2. they do and if it is not a wise choice they are smart enough to get out

    if the true absolutely right person comes along the wise person is slower next time less impulsive more cautious then proceeds, I am that wise one. We are too soon old and too late smart

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          1. Not really. I believe it is the head that gets in the way. I’m not suggesting that I go forth knowing what the outcome will be. I just know that those choices I have made with my full heart leading the way are ones that have altered my life in the biggest and grandest ways. Those are where growth have been the biggest and I never regret.

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              1. That is the most truthful thing I have read in a long time. Love can change anything and definitely for the better. I hope love guides all my choices, which is why the heart wins against the head in my record book of finding the right path.

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                  1. Thank you, dear friend. And to you. However, I do not need luck. I have faith in God and strong belief in this loving heart to get me where I am destined to be. I have found that while my head has its moments of childish fits and doubting questions, it generally falls into step with my heart in time. It’s like the love beating from my heart finally swims upstream and hits those neuron receptors. I hope in time you find your path and that both your head and your heart are at rest with whatever decisions you are struggling with. These times are when it would be nice to have a conference call with God…

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                    1. If you have that ability, I would pay. If nothing else I have a lot of gratitude to extend to the divine. But I guess I don’t need a conference call for that. Still I do have some predicaments that I would like some input.

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                    2. I best keep my eyes open since I speak to God while I’m running. I have bit it pretty hard those times when I get lost in my conversation. Usually it’s a reminder to just pick myself up and dust myself off and keep on running. God always has the way of leading us.

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