If the conquerors of the world
Were to fall at my feet
And promise to bring me anything
As soon as I had wished
What do you think I would wish for?
What do you think I crave?
Is there something I need?
Is there something I don’t have?

No, I wouldn’t wish for gold
Nor for any gems lost beneath the sea
Nor for any buried treasure
Neither for a map to lead me
No, I wouldn’t wish for power
Nor do I desire fame
I feel blessed with silence
That comes with this name

If there’s one thing, however
That I would like to call my own
Is for a pretty girl I know
Who doesn’t leave my thoughts alone
She comes up in my head
Whenever I try to write
A song or a poem
About my sleepless nights

I wish she was here with me
Telling me stories and tales
We’d have endless conversations
About each other and nobody else
I know it is just a dream
Is it ever going to become
That we would talk for hours on end
Until Spring has come?

41 thoughts on “Amy

  1. Hey, my name is Amy! So sweet. It seems in my lifetime there are so few things about my name. Very few songs (although 2 memorable ones that I know of…)–but this poem is lovely. πŸ™‚ I would long for someone to write an ‘Amy’ poem about me! Sigh…

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