A Poem Is Not A Reflection

A poem is not a reflection

Of the poet or his thinking

The poet, while, is a shadow

Of the poem that he’s drinking

He is merely a medium

Between the poem and the page

To flung the doors wide open

Of the concealed cage


Trouble Is My Family

Darkness is my brother

Evil is my sis

Sadness is my mother

Dad’s antonym of bliss

Trouble, trouble, trouble

Trouble is my family

Despair is my nephew

Wicked is my wife

Guess what’re my children?

The antonym of life

Trouble, trouble, trouble

Trouble is my family

Trouble is my second name

Trouble is my house

Trouble is my pet tortoise

The cat and the mouse

Trouble, trouble, trouble

Trouble is my family

I Wanna Lock My Heart Away

I wanna lock my heart away

Never ever let her out

This world is just too evil

As my heart’s just found out

I wanna firmly lock the door

Throw away the key

Shut all the windows

In darkness, she would be

I’ll let her out if only

This world would see a change

But that doesn’t look so likely

So she will there remain

A Child Of His

I saw the summer lose her warmth

I saw the winter raise her head

All the flowers lost their charm

All the trees — they looked so dead

And I didn’t know why

I heard the angels shivering

While the heavens were trembling

The nasty wounds within myself —

Those echoes were resembling

And I didn’t know why

I caught the Devil and I asked him

“I am just a child of His

Spare me or kill me

But don’t leave me hanging like this.”

The winds whispered soft’ to me

About the blood they carried free

All through her lamentations

Not a word came back to me

And I didn’t know why

So I set off, I walked the earth

Rising above the frozen dirt

I kept the secrets to myself

Of my pain, my grief, my hurt

And I didn’t know why

There Is Evil Watching Me

There is evil watching me

There is evil following me

Like a shadow of the day

Asking me to go astray

Evil greets me in the night

When I can’t put up a fight

All the good is left behind

When the dark evokes my mind

The light of the next day sun

Brings me to where I’d begun

I curse the Devil and his name

I don’t know if I’m the same

What Good Is The Eternal Sunshine?

What good is the eternal sunshine

Outside my window

When there’s eternal darkness

Following my shadow?

What good is the soulful song

Sung by nightingales

When there are loud noises

Inside my chaotic head?

What good is the mighty God

In the heavens above

When my heart is filled with hatred

Instead of selfless love?