I Made Myself A Sauce

I made myself a sauce
A new sauce with blood of men
Of men who just disgust me
So I took it out of them

Hmm the sauce is brilliant
Delicious and tasty
I’ll get myself some more
Am I being nasty?

I believe it is my job
I was born to be so
Can you really blame me?
A petty little mosquito?

A Little Frog

A little frog once asked a hen
“Why can’t you jump like I can?”
The wise hen rolled her eyes and sighed
To the frog she then replied
“My dear little pretty frog
Why can’t you bark like a dog?
Why can’t you work hard like an ant?
And where’s your trunk of an elephant?
Where’s your tail of a monkey?
Why don’t you climb atop a tree?
Why can’t you lay eggs as I can?
Never question a wise hen again”
The hen was about to swell with pride
With the manner she had replied
But her victory went quite sore
As the frog began to snore