My Old Man

Whoever says that old men are wise

Should really come look at my pa

He’s got a big head about him alright

But he’s as dull as some of us are

He wakes up before the rooster crows

He travails for an hour then

A tasteless meal of cereals and oats

Followed by a workout again

Off early to his meager-paying job

With scores of similar men

Walking, talking, feeling jolly and well

While we snore heavily till ten

He doesn’t keep any phone or tab

Says, “I’m no slave to merchandise”

And when he returns home from work

There’s satisfaction in his eyes

The only good thing he does all day

Is keep from bothering us

But occasionally parts a word of wisdom

And wants us to discuss

But we’re busy with our phones and lives

We snub the old man’s plan

Nevertheless he smiles and says

“Tomorrow we start again”

He’s off to sleep as early as nine

While our day has barely begun

For we’ve got to dance and party all night

And we stop to care for none

We live in the moment’s gaiety pleasure

We’re smarter than the aged are

Whoever says that old men are wise

Should really come look at my pa


She Was The One

When she cared for me

And cooked great food

Hated shopping and said

“Gossip’s no good.”

I knew that she was the one

When she knew about football

More than most

And talked for hours

Like a nerdy coach

I knew that she was the one

When she laughed at my jokes

Though they weren’t great

And calmed me down

When I was irate

I knew that she was the one

When I forgot to wish her

On her birthday

She didn’t feel bad

No sorrow or dismay

I knew that she was the one

When she read my poems

And declared them best

And never reminded me

Of unresponded texts

I knew that she was the one

When she praised my body

And didn’t find it odd

And told me I looked

Like a Greek God

I knew that she was the one

When she was ten feet

And her skin was blue

And everything else was

Too good to be true

I knew it was just a dream

Poor Cat Poor Cat

Poor cat poor cat

With a noose ’round her neck

Poor cat poor cat

How did she get into that?

Poor cat poor cat

Did I do this to you?

Poor cat poor cat

I do not have a clue

Poor cat poor cat

After I killed my wife

Poor cat poor cat

You were the only life

Poor cat poor cat

Now that you are gone

Poor cat poor cat

I’ll find another one

Her Transparent Nature

I fell in love with her

With her strange, mysterious ways

Her calm and soothing voice

Her scary, haunting gaze

Her transparent nature

Her wild and violent head

The way she made me fly

And hover above my bed

I fell in love with her

But she could never be mine

Not today, not tomorrow

In this world or time

I had to leave it all

That’s what hurts the most

Love’s too small a word

When you love a ghost

When She Hears My Whispers

I always used to love her

And I love her still

She controlled every heartbeat

My mind and my will

When I said, “I love you.”

She bid my heart goodbye

“I couldn’t live without you.”

“So find a way to die.”

Now my spirit is free

Yet she’s still the one

She never understood me

But I’m having fun

To see her stressed and frightened

Running for some light

When she hears my whispers

In the dark of night

She Sees Things In The Dark

She sees things in the dark

She suffers every day

With her I also suffer

Suffer in every way

Sometimes she sees ghosts

Sometimes; ravens and crows

Sometimes she just cries

Reasons that only heaven knows

Tonight she woke me up

I felt her sweaty hand

She said she saw something

Something disturbing again

I asked her about the matter

She mumbled with a heavy breath

She held my hand tighter

“I think I saw your death.”