Only One Answer

What is it about you that makes my heart melt?
What is it that pushes all the worries out of my mind?
What is it in you that charms my heart to the fullest?
What is it? What is it? I keep asking myself

I’ve scratched my head but no answer I have found
I have contemplated all alternatives rationally
I have tried to glance into the depths of my faculties
I have tried; I have tried; and I have failed

After crossing out all possibilities off my list
After twisting and turning many sleepless nights
After a year of rumination there is only solution that remains
It is love; it is love; it could only be love

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When The Sun Rose Above Me

I was deep in sorrow
When the sun rose above me
Spread her hands out to love me
There will be a tomorrow
Brighter than all the lights glow
Wipe your darkness and shadows

Now don’t be discouraged
Let my light be your guidance
When you walk any distance
In pain
Show some steel and some courage
Spread your wings a little higher
Never blow out your heart’s fire

All the cracks in my body
Filled up with a madness
I forgot all my sadness
All be gone
Now I wake every morning
With a fire in my veins
Through the aches and the sprains
I carry on

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Won’t You Wake Up, Mother?

Won’t you wake up when I kiss your hands
I’ve kissed you a hundred —
Maybe a thousand times
Open your eyes, open your eyes

See what grand a day is greeting us
See the trees they sway
Hear the birds they chirp
Open your eyes, open your eyes

The hands of time clutch at your neck
Will my kiss be enough
To unwound them again
Does it hurt? Does it hurt?

I’m sure the way you need your mother
I too need what’s mine
Listen to my plea
Open your eyes, open your eyes

It isn’t safe and it never will be
Without you around
I am lost at sea
Open your eyes, open your eyes

Have I sinned? Don’t punish me so
If I kiss your hand
Would you break a smile and
Open your eyes, open your eyes?

Stop The Circus

Wake me from this magic
Pull the curtains down
Have you had your pleasure
From my hangin’ frown?
Listen to the madness
Brewing amongst the laughs
Notice the toxic sorrow
Hidden in photographs
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

The storms are your doing
So are the trees and grass
The panda eats the bamboo
The lion eats the ass
All the while they’re running
Going round and round
Rising from the ashes
Then back into the ground
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

It’s getting dark and silent
Just as I had feared
No one ever lasts here
No prayer is ever heard
Walk on walk on walk on
The master rings a bell
We shall never witness
Heaven meet with Hell
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

Don’t Curse Mondays

Don’t curse Mondays for your woes
Every week she comes and goes
Just like all the other days
Sundays, Fridays and Saturdays

It’s not her fault, you stupid snob
That you’re not happy with your job
We all know it’s pretty lame
To always find someone to blame

So shut up and stop being unjust
And quit your job if you must
Find a more enjoyable cause
Learn to own up to your flaws

Don’t chase power, fame or cash
They will leave you in a flash
Do something more so to speak
That’ll keep you happy throughout the week

Learn from Mondays a thing or two
Some of the things you ought to do
You never hear her complain or whine
She always does her job on time

When My Belly Was Full With A Chair And Stool

I ate too much and my belly was full
I swallowed a chair and I gobbled a stool
Then I could barely walk
With every bite it piled like a stack
Now my tummy is full up to the neck
Then I could hardly talk

So they took me to a doc but he said — Son,
Your ears are crooked and your nose is run
I said — that ain’t the problem with me
It’s plain to see that my stomach is full
For I swallowed a chair and I gobbled a stool
Now back to normal bring me be

He said — I’m not the right guy I’m afraid
For such a task I’ve never been paid
Before or will be anytime soon
But I know a person who can be of help
He once cured a girl who swallowed a shelf
Only last month or maybe back in June

So twenty men or maybe twenty one
Carried me again to this kind person
And he took quite a good look at me
From his room he brought out a pill
He said — swallow this somehow and you will
Start to feel normal as can be

I did exactly as I was told
And to my surprise lo and behold
The chair and stool came gushing out
He said — I’m no witch or enchanter
Just a wily old carpenter
I hope I left it to no doubt

I said — I could never thank you enough
I was crying earlier and now I laugh
How do I pay you for your help?
He said — For my fee to be paid in full
I’ll obviously keep this chair and stool
I feel it will go well with that shelf

Anxiety Dreads A Smiling Face

Anxiety eats away your flesh
It bores into your bones
Don’t let it get to your head
Cast it away with stones

It is not a simple task
Be patient and be steady
Anxiety is full of surprises
With your arsenal be ready

Chip away at it steady
Don’t let it grow an inch
Anxiety dreads a smiling face
Victory is yours to clinch

Gift yourself some motivation
Have your friends and family close
Blow away all your worries
Blow it out of your nose

Gaze at the stars and the trees
Smell the dainty flowers
Hear the children running screaming
Feel all of nature’s powers

The more you start to enjoy life
Newer ways you will find
To banish ill thoughts from your head
And anxiety from your mind

Then one day when you wake up
Your head will feel very light
Anxiety would have packed her bags
And left in the dead of night