Sharp Swords

In my dreams there’re hundred guns
In the hands of young children
They rule the world, they terrorize
With false glory in their eyes
Though little kids, they’re really strong
With their own set of right and wrong
Driven by an evil squad
No fear of death or even God
They think they’re moral and they’re right
Oh the dreams I have at night
I also have them through the day
Nothing more than the new world’s way


Wild Wolves

Dark streets, tiny feet
Pretty darling, come home
Don’t lose your way
Just come home
Keep faith, walk straight
Let the lights guide you
Where you belong
Just come home
Don’t fall down, just calm down
The angels watch you right now
They’ll pray for you
I’ll do too
Lose your fears, don’t shed tears
I’ve taught you to be brave
Give a smile
Just come home
Wild wolves chase you
Too young to know that
Don’t lose your way
Just come home

My Blue-Eyed Son

Where have you been, my blue-eyed son?
The angels are a-calling
Tell them darling, you’re still not done
The rains are now a-falling
Your home not lays on this barren land
So little here to keep
You from flying. I fail to withstand
Your mother left to weep
God must love you a lot I suppose
Earth’s not for everyone
For the last time, I’ll hold you close
Hold you, my blue-eyed son

I Wanna Spend This Life With You

I can live this life alone
I’ll be just fine on my own
But you know what I wanna do
I wanna spend this life with you
Fight you, bite you, hold you tight all night and write about you
Scold you, hold you when it’s cold and grow old with you
Make you fly, never lie or say goodbye or make you cry
Entertain you, make it rain for you, drive you insane and do it all again
Love you like a dove
Make you smile for a while
Be a clown when you’re down
Never let you frown
You know I can live this life alone
It’ll be so dull on my own
So you know what I wanna do
I wanna spend this life with you

A Heart Of Gold

Of gold my heart was made of
But too often broken
The price was quite well paid up
Though no word was spoken
Steadily and slow the little
Heart that I do own
Turned too numb to feel at all
My heart just turned to stone
Until of course you took my name
Held me with your hand
I never thought I’d feel the same
Never would understand
Now that I’ve encountered you
Your heart just more golden
Than one could ever wish to have
Hear or speak or beholden
Now my heart is like before
Gold as gold could be
And I could wish for nothing more
Than your golden company

God’s On Our Side

I know what you’re thinking
If we can see this through
You think we’ve got nobody
No friends, no money too
Well then let me tell you
Just how wrong you are
Throw your worries away
Cast your fears afar
God’s on our side

Let the bright lights lead you
Feel the buoyant day
See the clouds, they’re guiding
Us upon our way
And if you’re feeling tired
Wait for the night to come
She will bring you rest then
She will take you home
For God’s on our side

Rest assured I’m with you
Just like all these birds
Hear them sing their songs now
Hear them play with words
Let them lift you over
Beyond the massive sky
Drop those sorrows from there
As I watch you fly
God’s on our side

Are you feeling easy
Calm and joyful now?
If you say ‘No’ then
I’ll find them out somehow
But don’t dare feel the sadness
There’s no reason to
Find that love deep inside
I’m always there for you
And God’s on our side

Heavenly Dame

You know that there’s a tale
About an heaven’s dame
Sent down on earth eons ago
But no one knows her name
Nobody knows a thing whether
It is the truth or lie
Nobody knows of the angel
Who fell from the heavenly sky
Where she is? Where she must be?
Where she lives or goes?
Does she cry or does she smile?
What she does nobody knows
But I guess the truth is
Not meant for everyone
Some are afraid to see it
Others don’t know it’s fun
I am aware of the truth
The angel is for real
I can see her beauty
Her presence I can feel
In guise of an ordinary girl
She has entered my heart
But I know the secret
So I just play my part
I love her endlessly
She loves me all the same
The skies I see are smiling
I love the heavenly dame