Until The Sky Would Fall

You promised me that you’d love me
Until the sky would fall
Now that the sky has truly fallen
Your promise means nothing at all

A Broken Man With Lots Of Gold

Rich and rich as I may be
I’m troubled by my memory
Yes those memories with thoughts
They tie my heart up in knots
Those thoughts are always full of you
Choke my veins through and through
You and all the things of past
Cut my breath and lungs apart
You’re in my head when I try to sleep
The reason why I wake and weep
For soon as you come to mind again
I’m reminded of this constant pain
All this pain I cannot hold
I’m a broken man with lots of gold
Rich and rich as I may be
I cannot erase my memory

Now That She Has Gone

Give me Loneliness for company
Give me strangers for friendship
Give me a heart that I once owned
Diseases to fill it with
Now that I am alone
Now that she has gone

Give me walls that can whisper
Give me a roof, a cracking roof
Give me a floor full of rodents
A hallucination proof
Now that I am alone
Now that she has gone
I can’t stand on my feet
I can’t stand my chattering teeth
I can’t stand on my own
Now that she has gone

Give me darkness for days
Give me anxiety for nights
Give me ignorance for life
Now that she has gone
Now that she has gone

Tomorrow When I Wake Up

Tomorrow when I wake up
I’m gonna need a shake-up
Cause I’ve had a little break-up
And there’s nothing I wanna take up
O’ Love

Well my soul will need some cleaning
Now that life has lost its meaning
When all I needed was a little love
And a shoulder for some leaning
O’ Love
O’ Love, look what you’ve made me do

Is there a hope that I can borrow
When I’m drowning in my sorrow?
Just a little light and a little smile
Should get me by tomorrow

Now there’s no reverting
To the state where I was flirting
When the pain is reasserting
Only to leave my heart more hurting

This is the end of my dreaming
I’ll sleep after screaming
That the sun has disappeared
And the moon has now stopped gleaming
O’ Love
O’ Love, look what you’ve made of me
O’ Love
O’ Love, is there no hope for me?
O’ Love
O’ Love
Love, love, love, love
Love, love, love, love


I’m in love with an angel —
The girl who sits next to me
All my friends call it crushing
But it does seem love to me
When she steps in the classroom
My eyes are fixed on her
Just her presence makes me
Think I could live forever
All this feels so fine
To fall in love when you’re nine

In the classroom I do
Stupid and crazy stunts
Though it may seem foolish
It’s worth her every attention
They all call me crazy
They don’t know how I feel
I feel no thirst, no hunger
Having skipped my meal
Oh it feels so fine
To fall in love when you’re nine

At home I’m always dreaming
With her face in my head
Whether I’m watching tv
Or lying straight on my bed
My homework’s always pending
But I could hardly care
Just the mention of her
Brings home the sweetest air
All this feels so fine
I can’t wait to make her mine

Today I felt different
On my way to school
Later I found out that she
Had moved and it wasn’t cool
She left me with no message
No contact and no sign
Now there’s nothing that I
Want to make it mine
No, it doesn’t feel fine
To have your heart broken when you’re nine

The Most Powerful Weapon

Depending upon the opponent

A wrestling match can be tough

Especially if the opponent

Knows all your moves and stuff

So once I was face-to-face

With a very familiar foe

His fans call him Depression

I call him De-Press Joe

I can fight that meanie smooth

But that wasn’t how it was

He called upon his loyal pals

To build an unfair cause

There was Morose Donald

There was also Negative Bill

There was Ire ‘The Anger’ Rage

And many, many more still

It was intimidating

To face them all at once

I found myself uneasy

At my incompetence

Then it dawned upon me

My nerves got quite a kick

I got myself a weapon

They thought I’d never pick

When they came charging at me

I simply threw a Smile

And all of them went running

For around about a mile

Now when they come to fight you

You know just what to do

Simply deploy a smile

Then you thank me too