Hello, Past. Hello, Future

Hello, Past. I’ve come to fix you
You’re all messed up and muddled
And I know just what to do
To make you less befuddled
Now, instead of running away
I’d look you right in the eye
No more fears would come to stay
To them I’d bid goodbye

Hello, Future. How do you do?
You’re so distant and quite afar
Everytime I try to know you
You surprise me with who you are
Now I’ll just let you be
Not a single worry for you
I’m happy being me
Without bothering about you

Hello, Present. I meet you at last
After ignoring you for years
Every moment that we have passed
Only helped to grow my fears
Now I’m stronger than before
And I know just what to do
This time I am sure
I’ll find happiness in you


The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 13/13

Now as a gust of wind she flew
To all the places she hadn’t been to
O’er the hills and beyond the seas
In the gardens amongst the bees
She held no fear now in her heart
No memory with her of her previous start
Gliding along wherever she was led
Happy thoughts only in her head
One such time she was led to
A familiar tree known to me and you
An old bird lay with fever in her head
Her man was there beside her dying bed
Seeing her plight she was distressed
A chord in her heart was duly addressed
She went close to the old bird’s nest
And lingered awhile around her breast
Of her she dived straight inside
To be with the old bird’s dying side
Then the moment came too fast
It was the air she breathed last
And both lay quiet on that tree
Forever known to you and me

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 12/13

The little bird was summoned
To be sent back down on earth again
This time in another form
But on the same frightening land
This time she would fly
Yes there would be no excuse at all
Though no wings upon her
No legs, no memory or fear of fall
She’d have changed a lot
Though the world would still be there
Born in the atmosphere
A gust of wind, sometimes a current of air

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 11/13

God came down Himself
To fetch her little soul
Her time on earth was up
Now’s time to pay the toll
He carried her away
Beyond the open skies
While her mother oblivious
Heavy tears in her eyes
She sat on God’s shoulders
As they sailed heavenwards
Where there was a special
Place for all the birds
When He opened up the gates
She was stunned to see
All sorts of birds therein
The young and old and free
Green parrots and blue pigeons
Black crows and vultures all
Yellow, red and pink and grey
The young and old and small
God said, “Enjoy yourself
Keep yourself well warm
I’ll be sending you back
Again in another form
Your work on earth is pending
There is still more to you
Prepare yourself again
A dying soul may need you”

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 10/13

Born with pretty wings
Birds are made to fly
There they build their homes
In the open sky
Fate’s written for everyone
Some end up in cages
Of their brutal masters
For their pending wages
Others end up in chains
Chained to the open sky
What good’s an open world?
We live well just to die

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 9/13

“Mother, I am sorry,” spoke the little bird
As she continued to struggle with her words
Her body was aching, weaker than before
She knew that now she couldn’t hold out anymore
“It must break your heart to see me disobey
Yet it’s not because I love you less today
I love you as much today as I loved you before
And I’ll always love you, of that you can be sure
Though my loving hours now are few and far between
I know that for a fact for Death just I have seen
Like all the birds out there who fly away and sing
I will do the same tonight but on deathly wings
And on those very wings, I will feel the sky
Laugh it off when they call me ‘The bird who refused to fly’

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 8/13

The mother bird returned
Back to her mourning nest
“My darlin’,” she informed
“It is just a test
Muster up some courage
Spread your wings and fly
Even though you’re feeling sick
You must touch the sky
Then all of your sickness
Will vanish and be gone
And you’d find the best of health
Like a baby born
So show your dad and mom
Just how good you can be
Fly out into the clouds
As far as I can see
Here let me get you up
There would be no harm
If you were to fall
I’d catch you in my arms”

“I’m sorry,” spoke the little bird
“Just leave me here to die
Mother, you won’t understand
I’m just not born to fly”