The Swindler

I know just who you are

No need to deceive. Don’t even try

You came in like a storm

Left without a goodbye

And while you were going

You left the ruins behind

Left me to pick up the pieces

For what I was destined

I know just who you are

It isn’t hard to see

Not so sure about others

Who are spellbound by thee

I should have been wiser

I had been warned

Couldn’t even think straight then

Of you i was so fond

I know just who you are

From the company you keep

Bitches and vixens

Black cat and a creep

They further your cause

And get your dark side out

I tried to change you for good

Of no use, I found out

I know just who you are

And i know what you do

All your secrets are revealed

And everything you’re up to

You seek attention

Love the limelight

You think it’ll last forever

You’re as blind as night

I know just who you are

Don’t pretend to be otherwise

Its crystal clear now

I can see it in your eyes

You’re nothing but a swindler

And stealing is your art

Take anything you want

But give me back my heart

I can live with the scar

I know just who you are

Rabbits And Cages Here Eternally Lost

Several years must have passed me by

Since the last time that I met her

Believe me when I say, the more I try

The harder it gets to forget her

She was wearing red and I was dressed in joy

Never got so excited ere, like a little boy

The day was splendid

Not a single cloud in the sky

I can’t remember a more sunny day

In the middle of July

There was hope in the air and the birds were singing true

Maybe later sparks would fly and bells would ring too

I was listening as she spoke

About life, love, rabbits and cages

It’s amazing how she had so much to talk about

It’s like we hadn’t met for ages

Destiny had brought us here after all these years

And now she must lead the way, away from all our fears

In the middle of it all

The old wounds were opened again

I looked skyward and prayed

And asked Him to throw down some rain

Put on your best dress and pour like you’ve never poured before

Just set the scene for me alright, there’s nothing I want more

There was so much happening around us

But all I noticed was her pleasant smile

Nothing seemed to matter anymore

Time, it seemed, had stopped awhile

There was no one between us except confusion and doubt

My heart was writing sonnets but no words ever came out

What was i to do?

Was it the right time to profess?

The emotions of past swerved inside

And left me stranded, I must confess

The end was near. There wasn’t much to analyse

Destiny and rain had betrayed me. It didn’t take long to realize

The castles had been blown away

Like tiny grains of sand

Maybe it was never meant to be

The time had come for us to part

My faith in God was shaken

For leaving me with an empty heart

Nature can be cruel, I cursed the mocking sky

Not a souvenir to take home as I watched the moment die

We didn’t even kiss goodbye

We just waved our hands


Happy Independence Day

Come here countrymen, why don’t you hear me out?
Not gonna raise my voice, I ain’t gonna shout
I’ll sing it from my heart but you might have a doubt
A cry for change is what I’d like to tout
It’s not a free country, is it?
I’m not free to be me

Little helpless girls are sold like dirt
The idea of innocence doesn’t even flirt
Money swears and the exchanges are curt
For what they don’t know will never ever hurt
It’s not a free country is it?
Not for the children you see

God is one but our eyes ain’t same
Morals don’t help and religion can tame
Virtue and vice play their own game
When you’ve done nothing wrong, then why the f***ing shame?
It’s not a free country is it?
Even the Gods here aren’t free

Polity is a toy and the vendors are wise
They’ll raise your hopes with a bucket of lies
Put 2 and 2 together and you’ll realize
This ain’t democracy, it’s anarchy in disguise
It’s not a free country is it?
It’s just not a free country

20 years of schooling and I’ve followed all the rules
Trying to break free but the loops can be cruel
They’ve kept me tied long with their secret tools
I’ve never laughed like an idiot or danced like a fool
It’s not a free country is it?
I’m not free to be me