Silent Spectators

Isn’t it amazing that in one
Part of the world a war is
Raging while the rest of the
World is carrying on normally?

It is simply stunning that in
This day and age a country
Can dare to wage war against
Another nation unabashedly

What is also worth noticing
Is that the war has been going
On for too long now; a bad
Precedent has been set in stone

I do not understand wars very well
I don’t understand power and control
I do not understand politics and economics
I don’t understand greed and victory
That comes at the cost of human lives

I do understand freedom
That we seem to take for granted
I do understand that nothing
Could justify taking an innocent life
Let alone thousands
I do understand how difficult it must be
For those who survive
Often death must seem
A kinder alternative to them

We have blood on our hands
We let this happen
We are too weak, too passive
Too silent, too uncaring
Too selfish, too diplomatic
Too busy, too foolish
The war is here and we are a part of it

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