The Husband Of Misfortune

Whatever I do, wherever I go
I am too famous, don’t you know?
People recognise me straightaway
Whether it’s night or whether it’s day
It’s not for something I have done
There’s just nothing that I have won
But I dance to her ghastly tune
I, the husband of Misfortune
I don’t remember how it came to be
She has always been with me
Causing all troubles in my life
My lovely loyal luckless wife

(To be continued)

You Always Love Me

Why do you always love me?

Even if I’m wrong, you hold me

You take away my frown

Whenever I am down

You just always love me

I may not show it to you

I have a fear I might lose you

It’s when I am home

And all on my own

I just always miss you

Baby your love completes me

Whenever it comes and greets me

You are my all

My heart and my soul

You just always love me