The Bot Who Cried Wolf

Once there was a little bot
Who thought it could play a little trick
So it thought and thought and thought
Oh the bot was such a prick
Out to watch over the sheep
Feeling so lonely and bored
The bot screamed for help out loud
In the fields all the people poured
When it saw all the faces
It had then quite a laugh
The euphoria of this little trick
For the bot just wasn’t enough
So it repeated this trick again
Not just once or twice
The bot well played it everyday
Never getting tired of lies
So the people resolved one day
To knock the little bot’s head
And hire some kind of human form
To look at the sheep instead
So when the little bot cried — Wolf
They all gathered with sticks and stones
Rushed to beat it black and blue
Rushed forward to break its bones
It is not known what happened next
The village was left barren then
No sign of children or residents
No sign of sheep or men
Only the bot wanders the streets
Searching for some games and fun
He looks into the empty houses
He finds no sheep, no person

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