This Glimpse Of Paradise

I just keep on wondering
Every single day
And I’ll keep on wondering
In every single way
Just what must be running
In God’s own precious mind
When He made you for me
No reason I can find
For this glimpse of paradise

Just so that you know it
I’m your biggest fan
I’ll do all that’s needed
I’ll do all I can
To keep your joy a-smilin’
Keep away the tears
Even if we’re older
After all those years
For this glimpse of paradise

I have no illusion
Of how God loves me now
I’ll give away my life just
To keep this single vow
Keep your heart a-smilin’
See it in your eyes
A hundred years may pass me
In this glimpse of paradise
This glimpse of paradise

35 thoughts on “This Glimpse Of Paradise

  1. Reblogged this on Rose in Full Bloom and commented:
    I place high standards on poems that I like, and even higher standards on ones I reblog. This poem by Frank Solanki is beautiful, and completely sums up me being in love. I’m reblogging this mostly for my own keepsake, but you all can enjoy it as well. 😊

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