​For You I Built A Special Home

For you I built a special home

With spacious rooms and a giant dome

With a view, of which you can’t get enough

The kind of home you’ve always dreamed of

It will keep you safe, it will keep you warm

Keep you away from any harm

Protect you from hurt and pain

Make you learn to smile again

‘Tis where I’d like you to spend your life

I’d be your man, you’d be my wife

So tell me the day when you’d like to start

And move in to stay in my heart?

54 thoughts on “​For You I Built A Special Home

  1. Nice twist here — in the early opening, the reader thinks the poem describes a physical house and then learns that the loved one has taken up residence in the poet’s heart. Well done.

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  2. For some reason I’m picturing a fairy tale in which God makes the “flat earth” with a dome and sort of doesn’t give the gal a choice in living on it. NOT a flat-earther, just what came to mind. I really love poetry – so subjective, I loved this one.

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