​Woman Or God?

Travelled I have to space and beyond

Been to the future and back

Visited the past in memories so fond

Without having ever to unpack

Wherever my feet have led me

In all of water, air and land

Not a girl am I yet to see

More exquisite than thy hand

Your voice fills the atmosphere

The stars bow as you nod

Flowers pave a path so clear

Are you woman or God?

59 thoughts on “​Woman Or God?

  1. Was Jesus Christ just a man? Or was He born of God? Was He one of God’s Children? People worshipped Him like God, but was He not… just a human? Nobody alive today, knows the truth about Jesus. Was He God in the flesh? Or was He a man? Wars are built on this. But nobody can go back in time to know the truth of it. Probably the best question.

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  2. Shamelss – but can I use this in my great internet novel and could you think of a pseudonym for a great space poet – I’ll put a link to this on the quote. thx

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  3. Interesting :/ there is only one God in my eyes 🙂 and that God had His Son Jesus. Anyone who claims to be anything asides the name they are given, a human, well, haha they really wouldn’t be right :/ I like the humility, mm, but not the worship of this woman ): only God alone deserves that sort of praise >.< anyone else is merely human! But still flattering, to the woman portrayed 🙂 have a pleasant day!

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  4. Beautiful! This conveys so much about the woman who inspired it and it’s so nice to see someone appreciate the worth of another human.

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  5. Thanks so much for liking “Coffee, Mountains and Adventure” ,I really really appreciate it.
    It’s great to read your poems as well I Love to read them all if i have time. Best wishes for always, safe travels!


  6. Did you just watch Wonder Woman? 😛
    Anyway, great poem. Beaucoup feels. Reads like a throwback to old-fashioned romantic poetry, with your own frank (pardon the pun, can’t resist) style incorporated. You’ve twisted the divinity trope into wistful, earnest verse.
    Can’t help smiling. 😀 Nice work, Frank.

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