​If I Was A Boy Named Hank

If I was a boy named Hank

Working in a private bank

I’d quit my job

Call myself Bob

Or even name myself Frank

37 thoughts on “​If I Was A Boy Named Hank

  1. Good one Frank.
    Just wanted to thank you for all your likes on my blog, for the past six years I’ve been here, it is nice to be a part of such encouragement in this type of format and community
    God Bless

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      1. No harm in that for sure, but it could have been more peaceful if we could like what we are now while we work on ourselves to be better, don’t you think?

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  2. I worked for an apartment manager long ago whose first name was Colonel. (His father was real smart-aleck Army private I think. Like Johnny Cash’s Boy Named Sue, it made him a really tough character (he was drafted into the Air Force during Viet Nam).

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