​If I Was A Chameleon

If I was a chameleon

It would be so much fun

Into a hundred colours I’d turn

If I was a chameleon

I’d turn golden with the burning sun

My tail, my legs, my abdomen

If I was a chameleon

I’d be blue when you see me crawl

All over the fancy, big, blue wall

Or I’d be white on a baseball

Or orange on a basketball

I’d be green in a casino

Or when I’m laying in a meadow

I’d be grey in hair of May

A purple mess in Jane’s dress

A scarlet red in Emma’s bed

A bright yellow and a brighter pink

Now and then, or so I think

But my truest colours I would show

When I’m sliding down a rainbow

And when all is said and all is done

I’d turn black when the night’s begun

You see, it would be so much fun

If I was a chameleon

51 thoughts on “​If I Was A Chameleon

  1. This was beautiful Frank. I could imagine every scene as if I was the Chameleon. Rainbow thing was wonderful. I could clearly imagine a Chameleon (that’s me) sliding/falling down a rainbow and I’m chasing colours.

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