​If I Was A Magnet

If I was a magnet

All the girls would come flocking to me

Like I’m some celebrity

Stalk and encroach my private life

Propose and fight to be my wife

If I was a magnet

All the girls would scream and shout

When they see me stepping out

Chase me down in their high heels

With their ferocious howls and squeals

If I was a magnet

Girls would keep attracting to me

Even if I hide on top of a tree

They’ll smell me and lose control

Even if I’m hiding inside a hole

If I was a magnet

All girls, sweet and pretty

Will have their fingerprints all over me

Act crazy, wild, insane and mad

All the guys will feel so sad

If I was a magnet

All the girls would stick to me

Like I’m honey and they’re bees

But I can’t even attract an iron nail yet

I ain’t even sweet as chocolate

Or mighty rich or fortunate

So I guess I might as well forget

To be a magnet

62 thoughts on “​If I Was A Magnet

  1. If I was a magnet, I’ll be so made up that I’ll attract every thief and money looters then hand them over to the police… #schoolafrique. WordPress. com#

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  2. Just eat lots of beef, and you’ll have an iron nail of your own soon enough. )
    Very cute, cheese-funny poem. You made me smile.

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  3. Perhaps you are a different charge magnet… maybe you attract a nicer set of lady and you haven’t realized it. I understand there is some attraction to crazy wild girls, but others are out there! I enjoyed the poem!


  4. If I were a magnet, I think I’d pick up a lot of rusty nails.No hope of finding gold as it is not magnetic. But if I were a magnet I think I would always be headed in the right direction.

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  5. Frank. A magnet is not a living thing. You are! I just want you to know there must be something very special about you, because at some point some post you wrote impressed me enough to subscribe to your blog! I have written two books, have four or five started, wrote 600 posts on my blog, and consider myself an inspired writer (one who has made no money/ nor become famous) – but I love to write. So STOP!
    Some girls are picky and some just plain icky! God has a plan and if you keep being you and find your good points and accelerate the gifts you have been given….you will find God directing “that path”. Really you wouldn’t want to be saddled with most women – we are a complicated bunch! Just pick out your best qualities and concentrate on them. Keep your attitude positive. There is nothing as attractive as a confident person. My wonderful husband sold me on himself because he was the nicest, most decent, and true person I had ever known. 29 years and I am still nuts about him. Now write some positive thing…though, admittedly I did enjoy the magnet thought. Good one.

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