I don’t make for a pleasant sight
When it’s dark or if there’s light
If there’s a law
Who is it for?
To set all the wrongs until they’re right
When the outrage has begun
To rectify the damage done
One thing’s for sure
You can’t tell black from white

A million nights I must share
Trapped in this layered four walled square
And raise a toast
To your ghost
If I have to survive this scary nightmare
And watch the beauty fade away
A hundred times, everyday
But what hurts the most
You still think life’s so unfair

The circumstances are so tight
As I struggle with my plight
Behind this door
There’s a war
And I’m about to lose it outright
No matter how hard I try to run
I can hear the blazing sun
I’ve been burnt once before
And I’ll burn myself again tonight

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