Tell Her How I Feel

Every time that I walk this road
I feel her hand in mine
Though I can’t prevent this rough weather
She makes it seem so fine
But I know this feeling
Is temporary and unreal
For I took too long and I still could never
Tell her how I feel

So I guess I have to move on
I never did give her a sign
My love for her is deeper than this sea
Made of blood and red wine
God never did bless me
With nerves of steel
So I could walk up to her like a lover boy and
Tell her how I feel

No matter how far I travel
I’d always have her on the back of my mind
No matter how far ahead I go
I’d never leave her behind
She made my days memorable
And offered so much more without any deal
I thought those days would last forever so I never did
Tell her how I feel

A hundred moons have passed me by
But it seems like a thousand years
Whenever I’m filled with misery and pain
Her memory wash away these tears
She returned everything that she took
Except for my heart she once did steal
Now I will never be complete until I
Tell her how I feel

45 thoughts on “Tell Her How I Feel

  1. Oh wow. Very heart felt. I’ve been in this spot before but as I’ve gotten older, I figure I have nothing to lose by admitting my feelings. It definitely takes guts to put yourself in a vulnerable spot. As I’ve done it, it gets less and less scary until it’s natural.

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